Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hey ladies??? Are you looking for a bigger butt??

The Sexy VS Uplift™ Jean in
stretch with deco back pockets

Wool Gabardine Long Pleated Pencil Skirt
Style: HD-HDF6-107_Vineyard
Price: $198.00

Wool Gabardine Long Pleated Pencil Skirt
Style: HD-HDF6-107_Caviar
Price: $198.00

There are many women out there that donot have enough cushion for the pushing. It kinda gets annoying when you put on a pair of jeans and there is nothing there. Well I have a solution and it doesn't require implants or any other type of prosthesis. It learning how to dress for your butt. From the selection of images- the first image the VS Uplift jean basically lifts and seperates your buttcheeks for an illusion that you have a well lifted and firm booty. The two images of skirts below are from the House of Dereon. These skirts which happpen to channel the 40's also happen to be derriere enhancing mechanism to cure the noassatall syndrome. The way that the skirt hugs your curves, allows for your legs to look elongated and for the illusion of hips and a complete round rear. The VS uplift jeans can be found online on and the long pleated skirts can be found online in Well ladies good luck and happy booty hunting.

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