Monday, October 29, 2007

Fashion Honey: Did you Know.....

Hey Did You Know Shakira (multiplatinum, bilingual singer from Columbia) attends UCLA?-- Well now you know!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Russell Simmons Girlfriend looks like an Older Rhianna

Hey Fashion Honey-- I was viewing my mentor blog "theYBF" when I came across this pic of Russell Simmons and his new girlfriend. If you have been on planet Mars for the last couple of months you would know that Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons --Music and Clothing Moguls split up. Kimora is now with Djimon Hounsou (talented Actor and one hell of a sexy model-- Check Out his Calvin Klein ads). Russell bought-- I mean brought his new girlfriend to the Keep A Child Alive Annual Black Gala.

So tell me what do you think??

Fashion Honey Friday Faves!!!

Have you ever looked at the high end bags and just shake your head and say "maybe next paycheck"?-- Well don't break you wallet get a cute rendition of your fave bag for the fraction of the price and that Fashion Honies is at ShopSueyBoutique- . I own alot of high end bags and sometimes my wallet needs a break too-- no puns intended. I have been shopping on Shop suey for almost two years!!!

If you have been living under a rock you wouldn't have known that Shop Suey has been featured on many shows like Fox 5 News,Tyra, NBC and many world-renowned magazines like Oprah for their great handbags and their mind boggling prices. Check out Shop Suey Boutique and check out some of their items that I am digging on their website right now!!!

Fashion Honey Shop-Suey faves:

The Paula Satchel-$52

The Ricki Belt- $24 Also comes in black

The Colleen Satchel- $58

The Misty Satchel -$58 Also comes in blue

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heather models for Carol's Daughter, Ebony quits with no hugs: Tyra doesn't like quitters; Another model bites the dust and then comes back!!!

In great news, I had the time to watch America's Next Top Model and I was happy to see that Heather's personality is blossoming right before America's eyes and she is making a name for herself in the modeling industry early in the Top Model competition. Yesterday she won the competition for the Keep A Child Alive Foundation with Carol's Daughter and is now on their website looking very regal and tanned. I can't take all of the credit-- Mary J. Blige ( Singer and Spokeswoman for Carol's Daughter) made an appearance on Top Model for Heather's shoot. It was priceless when she said that she needed tan makeup on Heather. Heather did very well and made Mary and Lisa Price (owner of Carol's Daughter) very proud. To see the campaign, view below:

In other ANTM news, Ebony decided to quit-- 10 minutes before Top Model was over, on pizza and other microwavables, Ebony slouches in the closet corner and says that she wants to go home. Not really a suprise considering that fact that we all knew she couldn't handle criticism. Funny cliffhanger occurs at the end. Tyra chooses Ebony over Ambreal(who no offense really needs to go home) and Ebony tells her that she doesn't want to continue in the competition. Tyra is such a fake. Tyra literally has FBI cameras all over the house. Tyra knew Ebony wanted to go home and that was why she chose Ebony. She wanted to show America that she gives people a chance even though they don't want it. Well, Ambreal got her second chance and she really wanted it.

To see more about why Ebony left check out a series of videos right here:

Lastly, My homegirl Bianca from Queens, NY is killing the short hair do- She is so beautiful and takes great constructive criticism. She kinda has a personality like Bre from the previous three cycles. I enjoy her wit and I hope she ends up in the Final 3. Tyson Beckford who also made an appearance stated that she is "The Top 5". If that means anything I know Tyra will take that in to consideration.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yay!! America's Next Top Model Airs Tonight at 8pm

So Do You Wanna Be On Top??--- Watch who will get kicked off next!!!!

I am excited to see what will happen on top model tonight. If you missed what happened last night check out this funny but very true clip from a talented blogger from fourfour:

It was so funny yet true what he said about Saleisha's haircut-- It truly looks like a helmut. lol-- She is pretty she can be Rhianna's stunt devil--lol-- My favorite right now is Bianca. I am loving her short hair cut!! I am also biased because she is from Queens, NY. My second favorite is Lisa and my third is Ebony. I just wished that Ebony would stop doing that crackish Bobby Brown mouth thing when she gets up to panel. I know that she is nervous-- but she needs to just keep a great smile.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fashion Honey New Music: Common : I want you

The sexy lyricist Common is back with his sexy video I want you . The video was directed by Kerry Washington. She is a talented actress-- but I didn't know that she directed videos--kudos!-- The video is jam-packed with a star-studded cast-- Alicia Keys, Derek Luke, Kanye West and Serena Williams. I love this video-- Check out Alicia Keys workign the sleek hair and Herve Leger Satin Bust Dress. So sexy-so fashionable. I am seriously moisturizing that situation!

Enjoy from me to you!

Fashion Honey

Fashion Honey's Dream Wardrobe: Black & Patent Leather

I have always had this dream that I would be in the Matrix fighting evil ad the main thing I loved was the patent leather jackets, sunglasses and the uptightness of the actors and actresses. Well if I was the styling director see what my take would've been on set-- I hope you like it!!

Mary J. Blige's hot haircut-- see when you are doing all black you need a contrast--

Burberry Prorsum Patent Leather 3/4 length coat -$5225

Fendi Medium Leather Bag De Jour- $1580

and lastly, an outfit can't be complete without the shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Patent Leather Trim Mary Jane -$660

Ladies I hope you enjoyed my Matrix fantasy, and definitely the style displayed here. I decided that I will post my fashion fantasy every week inspired by my favorite movies. I know that many of you are wondering.. hmm what happened to the sunglasses-- I just have too!

MAC for MCQueen Contest Sponsored by Net-A-Porter

Hey Fashion Honies,

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months you would know that alot of designers are pulling more collabos than your average rap artists--beat that Kanye West. Now Mac and Alexander Mc Queen (world reknowned fashion designer) are hosting a sweepstakes via fashion site Net-A-Porter. Alexander Mc Queen teamed up with Mac to design bejeweled colors that look stunning on any complexion and is so right with our jeweled colors we love this fall--like cobalt and fuschia.

For more information click right here and good luck!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hey New York Fashion Honey!!-- We have some sales!!!!

Who: Elie Tahari

What: Pre-Winter sale

Where: 510 Fifth Avenue: b/t 42nd and 43rd Streets (212) 398-2622

When: Oct 23-27, Tues- Fri 8:30am-7:30 pm on weekends 10:am-5pm

How much off? Cashmere sweaters for $99 after being reduced from retail price $348-548, Winter down coats for $148 from reg. prices $598-$798

Who: Lucky Shops ( As from Lucky Magazine)

What: Designer sale

Where: 125 W. 36th Street. (Second fl) b/t 7th and 8th aves. (212)947-8748

How much off? Designers like Stella McCartney, Catherine Malandrino and much more for up to 70% off-- admission is $75 in advanced for Friday and $85 at the door. For Saturday it is $40 in advanced and $45 at the door-- So get there on Friday because as you see in the price drops outfits will be cleared faster than summer rain.


Fashion Honey

Hey!! Halle Berry and I look a like!!!

According to My Heritage. The coolest thing about this site is the fun and confidence you recieve when you notice that you look like the hottest celebs. Check this site out if you haven't already and have fun with your new celeb you!!--

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fashion Honey wants.... Rhianna's Flawless Style

I am a huge Rhianna fan, but there is nothing like her new found punk rock meets hip hop style. Rhianna and I (I must boast) have the same measuremets right down to our shoes-- We both wear a size 11 and are 5'8 1/2. The next thing I want in common with this chantruese fashionista is this outfit with her money game on top. Last week she was photographed leaving Stella Mc Cartney with her oh-so-cute doggy Oliver. This week fashion honies enjoy a style montage of her outfit for less.-- I definitely know that those boots are Christian Louboutin--$2000--holla back


Out fit for less

First the boots

Try these 4in. Heel Pull on Thigh High Boots from Michael Salem Boutique $118

Now the dress
Rhianna is truly working that dress but we are on a Fashion Honey budget.. so lets put on a CoCo and Delilah NY Sweater dress for 167.00

Fashion Honey

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fashion Honies: Meet 50 Cent

My Queens homie 50 cent (Curtis) is holding a book signing for his book 50 X 50 on Tuesday, October 23rd at 5:00pm. The location is at Barnes and Nobel in Soho 4 Astor Place b/t Broadway and Lafayette in NYC. For more information about the location please contact (212) 429-1322.

This book is an autiobiography about 50's life. This book contains exclusive photos from his youth as well as an exclusive cd featuring music that hasn't been released. So take that Kanye West-- just playing.

50 cent will only sign his book-- so groupies, put all breasts and booties away.

Check out his sexy video Ayo Technology Remix-- (not official) below:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

40% off Sales and Clearance at Bloomies!!!!

Foxy Misses Court Date Because of No Makeup and Gear

What is ridiculous about Foxy Brown is the fact that she not only does not make music anymore, but why does this chick think that she is above the law??

Friday, October 12, 2007

There Is Nothing This Lady Can't Do------- Beyonce has a cellphone!!!

Yes it is very true!! Beyonce, singer, songwriter, actress, clothing desiger and the face of L'Oreal, American Express, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Giorgio Armani now has a new cell phone. The Special Edition "B" Phone is designed by Samsung and will be hosted by Sprint for billing. For some wierd reason-- I am not suprised. The phone starts at $99 and will be available in WalMart stores near you on November 4th. Talk about ambition. Well I am glad she is at Sprint because it doesn't give me the temptation to buy one. She shouldv'e designed a blackberry-- then I wouldn't hesitate.

The phone will come in two colors-- burgundy shown above as well as gold.

Photos from Splash News

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Hey Fashion Honey Readers!!!

I am so happy as to anounce that today is my b-day. For those wanting to know my age--I will never tell!!-- lol-- I want to thank all of the readers that sent me birthday wishes into my inbox. I want to give a big shout out to all of my Libra's and my parents who made this day possible-- lol-- Thank you all muah!!

Love Fashion Honey!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sex in the City The Movie-- Check out the style below

Two New Looks I Want To Try

Alicia is so beautiful in on this upcoming cover of Complex magazine. I want to try to do my hair like hers but I am torn in between the two. I am also in love with this look below. I just can't choose.

Kelis knows how to play up a short hair do. I just love how fun and easy going this cut is.-- Both of the hairstyles are very cute-- I just don't know which one to choose from.

This is truly going to be hard.

Shout to and Ultimate Kelis for the photos
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