Monday, September 06, 2010

Animal Story: Kelis in multiple Leopard Print

Kelis, fashion daredevil, gutsy, take all prisoners songstress came rushing through the airport in this explosion of fierce plethora of leopard print pieces. In all of my fashioncation (yes: fashion + education = fashioncation)the #1 rule in stone was: Never mix prints. This year that rule has been put on pause by the likes of Rhianna who was seen in a red and gold leopard print Dolce and Gabbana dress; as well as Beyonce. She was seen on her recent vacation with Jay-Z with her mix of ankara prints which recieved many "mixed" reviews.

Kelis's off the first class seat plane style is chic yet simple. I normally would not put them all together but I love them all seperately. The cardigan as seen in the pic on the left is chic enough to wear with a white Brooks Brother's button down shirt, Zara Pencil skirt and Red Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps. I would switch out the pencil skirt for a nice pair of denim skinny jeans if I am having a lunch date. The scarf which was on the stroller works for any outfit.

See below my leopard montage of coveted items that I would like in my fashion crypt for this fall.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

After a Lonnnnngggg Hiatus- Fashion Honey is back!

Hello World, I feel so bad that I left for so long- but I am back like I have never left and Fashion Honey is going to be bigger and better than ever. With acquiring a new job and getting hired to run campaigns,multi-tasking which once was my best feature is now becoming a paradox. Fashion Honey is currently having a new blog site constructed and a new web domain which will enhance the site.Get ready for more fashion interviews and events. Piles and piles of new fashion will explode on the new site thanks to the new farm-hands that I hired, Gia and Mel (Clap for them!). Fashion Honey statistically is at 1,500 viewers daily! I hope that we can reach up to double the amount for the Fashion Year of 2011. As we embark on the fashion journey of Minimalism, Lace, Army, Prints and Golds continue to follow up with me on the hottest looks as well the hot messes of the industry! Let the sha-shaying begin!

- Fashion Honey
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