Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrity Honey: Is Beyonce Preggers?

Happy Wednesday Fashion Honey's!

The celeb rumor mill has been on fire since this photo of Bey at the La Marina the other night was looking like she may be holding a sibling for her daughter Blue Ivy. Note: Blue Ivy was born 8 months ago. So it is not a shock if Beyonce had a little more salmon that night and got caught out there looking really full. Lol. The dress is gorge but may just be ill fitted in the belly.

Well I will leave this mystery unsolved.

Till then,

I will be on the watch lol.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nigerian Honey: What to wear to the Nigerian Independence Day Parade

Hello Fashion Honey's!

Today's edition of Fashion Honey posts regards "What to Wear to the Nigerian Independence Day Parade" occurring in New York City on Saturday October 6th, 2012. Ecstatically proud of my Nigerian heritage, I usually fulfill my obligatory duties of making an appearance each year- pretty much since its inception and surely, I never attend without ensuring that I am not fashionable. For those that live under a rock, Nigeria's national colors are green, white and green and that is what you will see if you are on Embassy row in Manhattan on October 6th. Nigeria's actual independence day is on October 1st, but is usually held the weekend thereafter to ensure that the patrons who attend Independence day in Nigeria do not miss out on the festivities occurring in the largest and most vivacious parade in the country in NYC.

Now on to what to wear...

Here is a small montage of photos that I could find of myself at the parade:

The weather was a little more warmer than average and that's when the Luella Bartley bags were in style (Fashion Nostalgia)!!

I decided to stay comfortable and wear the same corduroy jacket from the previous year, but this time I styled it more prep with a J-Crew sweater and Lacoste shirt underneath. I tried to stay true to the green and white.


I decided to re invert the green white and decided to go on trend with a boyfriend blazer and chiffon green ruffle blouse inside.  A gold and white woven belt assisted in cinching my blazer.


Last year, I decided to get more sophisticated and I decided to stay true to my "naija" aesthetic and wear a crocheted green and white lining dress from Tahari Luxe and my favorite bowling mini purse from Zara. Doesn't the dress look like a Nigerian outfit? Elie Tahari hit the nail with this one.

For 2012, we are going to do it really big and I am going to set up some cool pieces that will make you ladies look awesome.

I provided three options that I know will have you working the parade.
1. Fashion Forward Option: This is for the woman that is in trend, you are loving your peplums and mod shirts and very clean lines.

Fashion Forward Take

2. The Ankara Print Look: This is for the woman that wants to stay true to her Nigerian roots. This look will definitely have heads turn!! You can switch out the last look with a pair of green jeggins if it makes you feel more comfy!

Ankara Print Look

And now for #3. A more sophisticated option: This look takes on a mix of the prior two looks and I even incorporated a recent look from Kim Kardashian as styled by Kanye West with the baseball jacket and fitted jersey knit dress. I am soo in love with the airy blouse and ankara/ikat print skirt options.
Sophisticated option

Please note that with most of the looks, I have realistically incorporated flats. There is a lot of walking and dancing that occurs at the parade and I wanted to ensure that the balls of your feet did not burn out.. LOL.

I hope you like my looks- I tried my best to ensure that it didn't incorporate the overdone t-shirt outfits that are seen each year at the Parade!


Fashion Honey 

Friday, September 21, 2012

??Question Honey??: New Nail Trends.. Professional or Unprofessional??

Hey Fashion Honey's!! I was recently asked whether the new nail trend of graphically designed nails and the latest, pale or neon color craze can be professional enough to wear to work. I looked at some of the latest trends and I wanted to poll your thoughts. As some of you already know, I like to keep it basic most of the time with a Shellac Gel Manicure, but there are some instances where I want to let my inner leopard out and I would illustrate it with Sally Hansen's stick on nail designs.

Exhibit A (below): Illustrates the latest trends on the scene and styles in which may not be considered "corporately" professional yet are sooo professional in the streets! LOL!!
In Trend Nail Designs

Exhibit B: Illustrates what is traditionally accepted in our work culture. The whole french mani, nude and blush based colors. I called them "Human Resource" nails. Nails acceptable by the work ethics code book (HA!)
Human Resource Nails

Do you see the severe contrast? Today's nails provide quite the variance to that of which is usually considered professional or "corporately" acceptable. The quite so trendy persona in us that seeks to thrive from a little uniqueness in the office need not fear... I have put together some trends that are in style but do not walk the fine line of unacceptable. I call them nouveau professional nails. They are the trends that keep your nails looking cool from the boardroom to bar. They are chic, youthful and really trendy. As long you keep them bi-dimensional- they are always acceptable. Check my choices out below:
Professional Nails

I know, some of you are shaking your heads and saying.. snakeskin print? seaweed green with a gold crescent?? Really? - To ease your concerns.. - Yes, really. These styles and colors are safe and do not cause to much of a distraction.. well maybe a little.. all of the ladies would love to know where you got them done of course..LOL..

 For those of you who may work in a more relaxed environment, you obviously are not bound by the same code of work ethics as some in a restricted environment. If that is the case and you would like to try some of the hottest trends for fall and what has been seen on the runways of fashion week 2012, check out these cool color selections and designs below:
New Colors for Fall

I am so in love with Nars and YSL. They have the best nail colors. If I don't want to break the bank I am also cool with using Sally Hansen or L'Oreal. If you are going to attempt to try to do your own manicure, I always suggest giving your hands the spa treatment and using a paraben free moisturizing lotion from @EOS. the next step is taking a small wash cloth and soaking it in water and microwaving it for 45 seconds. It makes your hands feel soo smooth. Then, I get nail polish remover and wipe off each of my fingernails to ensure no residue from the lotion was left in my nail bed and then I get to work cutting hang nails, cleaning my cuticles and applying my clear base coat. Everything else is pure knowledge. Check out some of the cutest nail tools to use when you are ready to do your own manicure:
Cool Nail Tools

SO let me know ... what do you think? Were the choices for my nouveau professional nails too risque'? Do you think they walk the line- or do you think that they are too safe? I look forward to your thoughts!

 Thanks for tuning in!

 Fashion Honey

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fit Honey: What to wear to Zumba Class!!

I love Zumba and I love the fact that they mix my favorite songs and I can dance while sweating it out. I recently invited a friend to attend a class with me and she was not sure what she should wear to be comfortable. I know some of you reading this might attend Zumba classes and might see your instructor looking like a belly dancer (snickers), but check out my hip put together version of Zumba wear. For us ladies who have high maintenance hairstyles and we dont want to sweat them out, I have also included a stylish headband. I hope you like it!

What to wear for Zumba!!

Enjoy and Get your Zumba on!!!!

Fashion Honey
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