Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fashion Honey SAYS NO!!! To Blackface

I had a wonderful discussion yesterday based on racism in the sixties and how non-existent is the true idea of integration. I know that this is a fashion site but at the same time-- there is a place where fashion stands as art and then offensive. I love American Apparel, but this was not the best light to be displayed in.. A MAMI Girl!!!-- Sambo MAMA...??? What does having a blackface model do to selling a bunch of stretch shirts. The model was beautiful, there are many ways to display color and this was fairly wrong in my idea. -- ID magazine needs to fire their creative director for this mess.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can't afford Louboutin? Buy Bebe

COCO Double Strap Mary Jane $119 Bebe

Yulissa pump $149 Bebe

Zahara Slingback $149 Bebe

Paris Captoe Houndstooth Slingback $129

Photos: Courtesy of BEBE
I know I already did a Loubou post, fine sue me!! I am obsessed with the whole idea that shoes that are that sexy cost so much. I scoured the five boros and finally I decided to do my shoe raid online. I searched on many sites and finally I realized that BEBE has the best prices in consideration for the style.

All of the shoes posted have a heel at the minimum of 4.5 inches. A norm for a passive Loubou wearer as well as have a padded foot bed. The platform on average is at 1.25 giving all of the vertically challenged wearers some height to talk about. These are my fashion honey pics and I hope you enjoy them.

Check out more shoes from BEBE as well as their amazing sale, with items starting at $9 dollars!!! WOW

Never Date a Leo

Dramatic, egotistical, and emotional - a Leo is way too high maintenance for you!
And forget about a quick fling with an alluring Leo. It's either everything or nothing with this sign!

Instead try dating: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, or Cancer

Fashion Honey Top Pics for the Fall

(photos: Courtesy of

This Fall there is going to be a plethora of style coming to a Fashion city near you. Great choices of color and cuts are going to be wrapped around bodies and we are all going to enjoy the spectrum that is being produced this year. My number one choices are seen here with the Tory Burch Cardigan $225 as well as the Pierre Hardy Color Block pump $785, and my top fave, Just Sweet Cap toe Wool Pump $115. Most definitely grab these items and make them work. --

Fashion Honey Hair Dare: Fluffy 80's hair

(Photo: Courtesy of Concrete Loop)
I love this look and I think that I can hold it down. In this pic Kimora Lee Simmons is exuding her beauty as well as making this type of hairstyle work. It is a pretty tough hairstyle to pull off, especially for me considering that I meet with clients every other day at work. I would probably keep my lion mane tamed in diameter. This look is sexy, fun and voluminous and can be seen on runways this fall as well as the urban runway, my NYC streets pretty soon-- with me as the muse.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FALLing for Jackets below $90 this year

Forever 21 Winter White Three Quarter Coat $45-

Isaac Mizrahi for Target. - In stores early fall

Soundgirl Cotton Blazer $72-

MNG by Mango Faux Fur Coat $89 - Mango Stores

Ladies!- I can not wait till the weather drops 20 degrees. I believe that women dress way better in the fall. Why?-- Because you add more clothing to your body and styling is done more strategically than when it is in the summertime. Posted are a few of my favorites and I believe that you will love them too. These jackets are cost efficient as well as a staple for years to come. How adorable is that jacket from Soundgirl. I can see myself styling and profiling this jacket up with a pair of stove pipe jeans as well as red patent leather pumps- white pashmina-gold large hoop earrings as well as my hair tied back in a bun. Ladies get "cool" with it and enjoy my favorites.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My obsession with: A Smaller WAIST!!!

I love my body-- I truly do... I love my body... how about you. I love my shape. I give myself kisses everyday as I get out the shower. I would never trade in my shape for a million bucks. BUUUTTTT!!!-- I have always wanted the appearance of a smaller waist. I don't know whether it was because of the new craze blazing the summer season with all of the high waist dresses, skirts and jeans-- but I feel like I am too young to be trying to wear a girdle. So I say to myself--Self? Should I work out to get that smaller waist or should I just pull a rib out??--lol no ribs are coming out this body-- but I just want to know how I can fake the funk and appear thin in the waist, cute in the face and holding out down with style and grace.

Before I go on to the SECRET--shhh!!-- I will pay homage to the celebrity thin-waisted:

Rumor has it that she has a 27inch waist and a 49inch hip-- darn!!

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham's waist is the size of a competition soccer ball

Now on to the secrets-- and outfits that can make your waist appear smaller:

Do wear a contrast on color-- your top should appear lighter than your bottom and your belt should be darker to nip your waist in. A pencil skirt and a flowy top can assist you with this look.
Dress: Firetrap

Do wear a dress with great color and slap a belt around your waist like Rhianna. Her stylist played up her "Good girl gone Bad" look by dressing her in head to toe Gucci. For the winter you can add purple hoisery and a black slim turtleneck.

Dress by Gucci

Things to not do if you are trying to achieve this look!

Wearing bubble style dresses-- volume takes away a figure.

Wearing large prints on tunic style dresses

Yes and even Beyonce can lose her small waist in the midst of these dresses.

Well thats all for now! Love yourself and try to make due with what you have and as I leave you with some news that I heard weeks ago-- I laugh and hope that this isn't true--please click on this... Women with curves have smarter children

From Fashion Honey's Closet.. Forever 21 Mod Dress

I remember putting on this dress and feeling like a million bucks. This was my "freakum dress" like Beyonce would say. This dress hit my curves correctly as well as accentuated my legs and slimmed down my torso. Fashion honies out there always buy a dress that makes you feel good, is timeless and upgrades you. This dress was from Forever 21 and I only paid $24.80 for it. It can also be found on under dresses on the website.


Fashion Honey

P.S.: Please also note my sexy platform shoes as well as my fendi "Magic" bag in the background. These are pieces as well that need to be emulated. They are both pieces that will stand the test of time.

Nine West the Louboutin for the Budget Fashion Honey

Have you ever looked at a pair of Loubous and notice that insatiable urge to start drooling?? Loubous known for the sky high, gravity defying and so most comfortable heels on the planet. For the Fashionistas that don't know-- these shoes will run you from $500-$1000 depending on style. Well ladies, fear no more-- Nine West is here for us and will not kill your pockets. For the look of Loubous for the fraction of the cost-- you too can make the street your runway with out sparing a months rent. Check out my faves below and run-- don't walk to a nine west store near you. Styles can also be found on

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