Friday, November 16, 2007

Victoria's Secret brings Spice and everything nice to their Holiday show

You can check it out here

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Honey from a Different Blog

My computer is acting up-- so check out some of the blog-happenings occuring on my favorite sites!!!

Networks pay millions to buy Cable rights from Tyler Perry's movies...ghettofabulous

Alicia Keys takes the #1 Spot...brownsista

Mya swaggerjacking Rhianna!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fashion Honey Favorite Fashion TV Day: Wednesday!!!!!

Today is the day when I run home early from work to engorge in the plethora of fashion shows!! Today of course if you are an avid fashion honey reader is:

and now we have a new show added to the Wednesday roster:

I am so excited to introduce the new designer cast for Project Runway:

To get names and the biographies of each designer click here

I would usually do a spoiler but unfortunately I am also anticipating the first episode of Season 4.

Back to America's Next Top Model. Last week I was so not pleased with the story of the show. Tyra showing models how to crawl on all floors and dance like a stripper was not fierce to me. The last time I remembered Ellen Degeneres has better dance moves than Tyra. Sometimes I forget that Tyra is a little dingbatted but it's cool because it was funny when the queen of intelligence stated the known fact:

People believe that if you are skinny then that means you are fit-- but it is so not true!!-Tyra

Well onto my favorite part of this story-- the spoiler check it out below

Wednesday 11/14, 8:00 PM: The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool
The models become creative muses for student designers; the models must talk about their custom-made dresses on the runway; the women participate in a photo shoot with a burning car.

Oh yeah and before I forget.. The incredibly shrinking plus size model Sara--has somethings to say based on getting kicked out of the house of Tyra-check it out here

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Did You Know?

Stacey Dash, actress from Clueless and recent Playboy Model was from the Bronx-- and her last name is no coincidence she is also related to Damon Dash. He is her first cousin!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest In Peace Donda West!!!

On a low Fashion Honey note. Donda West, Kanye West's mother, best friend and confidant died this weekend while getting a cosmetic procedure in Los Angeles.


Rest In Peace

Friday, November 09, 2007

Screw The Energizer Bunny-- This Chick Keeps Going and Going and Going and Going....

When will it ever end!!!!

Fashion Honey Wants.. For November

Hey everyone, It's Fashion Honey here and I decided that since Christmas was around the corner, I might as well share what my wish list is and maybe if those special people are checking this out they can grobble over what gifts to get me this year.

The first item that is on my wishlist this month is:

1. YSL Tribute Pumps
Every woman needs that special pair of pumps that make her feel and look sexy
even on her worst days. I can wear these pumps and take on any obstacle in my life.

2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 35 and Deauville
I love to travel and I am hoping that next year, I can add a spree of traveling on to my list so if this is possible I would definitely love to do it in style and
why not with a little Louis?

3. A Lace Front Wig

Yeah I said a Lace Front Wig. I am tired of doing my hair and I think this is an easy alternative to the tugging and pulling of braids and a weave.-- Don't act brand new to this alternative lace fronts have been worn on the likes of Beyonce, J-Lo, Paris Hilton, Ciara, Ashanti, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and Jessica Simpson--

For 2008 I would love to Glam up my look. So far at the end of this fashion quarter I have been wearing a construction helmut and vest almost everyday and that so does not preserve my fashion sexy.

Nordys and TopShop takes over NYC in the near future- Savings accounts be scared!!

Nordstrom- luxury retail department store has eyes on Manhattan for the opening of its newest stores. Rumors surrounded the idea for store openings in Brooklyn and Staten Island. None were confirmed by the luxury department store. Nordstrom now has it's upscale label Facconable on 5th avenue by Banana Republic in Midtown Manhattan. Right now Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale with Womens, Mens, Juniors, Kids-etc. for 40%-80% off. To see what faves you had your eye on all year at great prices check out the website here: Sale!!

Top Shop-- Great Britains hottest chic department store is set to invade the United States. News broke out yesterday that TopShop is set to set up shop in Soho-- Manhattans Premiere shopping district.
Top Shop's press office didn't return repeated requests for comment, and a building owner Vornado Realty Trust also has no comment.

Matthew Lysiak
Special to am NewYork

I am guessing that TopShop is trying to pull a Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez-- but we all darn well know that it's coming-lol
Top Shop boasts the latest fashions from the England P.O.V and may have the current NYC fashion loves-- Forever 21, Uniqlo and H&M ready to have a melt down. This invasion will occur in early spring and will definitely have my first 1000 dollars out of my check!-- To check out more of Top Shop's hot collections check out their website right here: British Chic!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hottest Colors of Boston that You Can Easily Own Cruise Style

Imagine waking up in the morning and there is a fire on the floor below you what items would you scoop up first?

Well for me it would be my Fendi Magic Bag-- A pair of YSL tribute pumps (I am still imagining ok!) My wallet and important documents and I will definitely stuff all of it into one of the hottest bags for Spring 2008-- The Gucci Boston Joy bag.

I love these bags and the versatility you get from them. Showcased are the Boston Bags for Spring in their bright ready-to-wear colors. I love the largest bag because you can throw alot of stuff in it. The bags shown below come in three sizes and three colors:

1. The Joy Small Boston, $530, 10"W X 5½"H X 4"D

2. The Joy Medium Boston, $640, 12½"W X 8½"H X 6½"D

3. The Joy Large Boston, $675, 15"W X 10"H X 8"D.

All of the bags are in great demand, because they work in for any demographic-- beat that Dooney and Burke!!!-- They also are complimentary to the Nautical and Preppy styles. All of the bags shown above also come in the black canvas.

You can check out more Gucci items on and if you act now with $150 or more in purchases you can get free shipping!!

Enjoy!!-- from me-to-you!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Its That Time Again!! America's Next Top Model Airs Tonight at 8pm!!

Tyra bamboozled us last Wednesday. I think she was all shook up from Ebony telling her that her experience at Top Model was worth a damn. LOL-- Last week Wednesday Tyra gave us a behind scenes look at the boring lives the models lead at the house and of course I was so bored to death I actually anticipated watching Gossip Girl after the foolery was over.

Today Tyra and Carb-watching friends will be in a dance video for Enrique Iglesias yep you heard it-- I spoiled it. Hey it's not like a posted the video for you to see!!

Check out the cool rendition of the recap of Episode 6 if you missed the week before last.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fashion Honey gives you Something Borrowed and Something Blue!!

Play the wedding bells or just play the game.. Ever since I graduated from college I have always surfed on the Michael C. Fina website to view their latest engagement rings. Yeah I just love solitaires and past, present or future sets.. Today as I was recreating my wedding day in my mind--(okay fine I am obsessed with my future wedding day-- everygirl can dream right?) I found that M.Fina is having a Blue event at his Midtown store in Manhattan.

Michael C. Fina
December 12th, 2007
545 Fifth Avenue at 45th Street

You can check out the latest ice while drinking tropical cocktails, caribbean treats as well as being entertained by the sounds of the Caribbean.

Other perks include entering a contest.. you can find out more about that on

Goodluck and I hope to see you there!!

Ashanti and Sean Kingston to Perform for Charity

Grammy Awardwinning Ashanti is going to perform at the First Annual Benefit Concert at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square in NYC. Sean Kingston reggae-pop artist with his smash hit "Beautiful Girls" will also be in the building as well. The concert is presented by the Stella Liniado Rainbow Foundation and the goals of the concert is to raise funds to benefit Luekemia Cancer research. All proceeds collected for the concert are 100% tax deductible.

Again the concert will be held at the Nokia Theatre at Times Square in NYC on Thursday November 29th, 2007 from 9pm-10:30om.

For more information based on how to get tickets or to be a part of sponsorship please go to or call Albert at (917)701-4765.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Fashion Honey Belly Chic

I am usually not one to jump on the bump alert bandwagon but, lately there has been so many beautiful women getting ready to give birth as well as laying the foundation for the Belly Chic-- Fashion that is effortless and never tedious. Women sometimes let themselves go when they have an extra 4-5 lbs of belly hinged on to their bodies. As a feel for empowerment I decided to post rules based on all of the wonderful celebs who are on their way to motherhood or who just recently became moms and just celebrating the radiance of their beauty and style via their pregnancies.

Fashion Honey Belly Chic Rule #1

Always have that sexy all black outfit that shows off your curves and makes your body look pregnantastic!!--

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon on the Red Carpet

Fashion Honey Belly Chic Rule #2

Never neglect the Little Black Dress Rule it will always stand as long as you are feeling fresh and confident.

Halle Berry "Things We Lost in the Fire" Movie Premiere RedCarpet

Fashion Honey Belly Chic Rule #3

Lastly, If your sweetheart invites you to an awards dinner or office gala come looking better than the girls with no bumps-- a.k.a FIERCE!!!

Nicole Richie

Constance Zimmer

The Good, The Bad and The Kelly

I love Kelly Rowland, but all and I bet most of you agree that Kelly Rowland is slipping and she can not get a grip on her record sales even if she took a dip in a pool of crazy glue. Lately Kelly has been sited poorly promoting her self at various events. Nothing that breaks my heart is the fact that as her record sales are at the approval rate of the war in Iraq, Kelly's fashion is as well heading down South and I mean farther than Texas.

Here in these two photos it will show Kelly in her performance outfit as well as Kelly on the red carpet at the European Music Awards:

Beyonce had those boots on last year--hmm suspect...

Kelly we all know the skinny pant look is in-- but this unicolor along with the high water sensation is a little too much and out of style. It looks like she stole this outfit from the Destiny's Child Vintage Wardrobe Collection.

I just pray that some stylist can rescue Kelly from all of this fashion drama. Please stay tuned although Kelly has been made an example of-- Nicole Scherzinger is next.
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