Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maybe Bangs are not for everyone

Lately, I know many of you have seen the new bang style that has spread faster than polio in 1941. Many celebs like Mya, Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell and Nelly Furtado have been seen out with the mod heavy bang and now here spotted leaving Bergdorfs is Beyonce, sporting the crazed do. I donot like it on her. I think Beyonce is swagger jacking and this is just one style that she needs to leave alone. Lucky Beyonce- she left Bergdorfs with at least 15 bags--lol

Time for change!! Eve Please fade to black!!!!

I am so through with black women that wear blonde that not only is too high pitched for their complexions, but Black women that wear blonde in the latter days of fall. I feel like the blonde hair is such a clash with the fall season. Many of our favorite black celebs have faded to black, examples are Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Alicia Keys was always black, Kelly and Kelis. The list can go on. Now Eve needs to go a decent chocolate brown, something more natural that will nopt compromise or dullen her beauty, but something that accentuates the natural black beauty that she has. Now if Beyonce and Mary J. Blige can jump shift maybe we can finally banish this blonde is great mentality--

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Best Gift to give to a Trendsetter

You have a wonderful friend, who you love to death. She's the first one to know about the steals and deals. She can tell you the entire lineup for Fall 2007 Fashion week. She always corrects you on the correct pronunciation and enunciation of her coveted designer and lastly she believes that she can just die if her manolos are displaced. Face it your friend is a fashionista, a trendsetter and wouldn't she love to trudge in the snow this winter with these Frye pleated flat heeled boots?? The price is $300 and can be found on Get her what she wants and not what she needs--lol.

The Best Gift to give a Best Friend

I know, I know Christmas is around the corner. I guess its about that time to be very thoughtful about what you are going to give your good friends. So I thought it would be nice to post once a day till Christmas, gifts that you can give to your friend(s) male or female. Well today I present a Coach wristlet. A Coach wristlet is the best present because you can't leave home without it. It is of amazement- the many things that you can do with a wristlet. Especially one that is as stylish as a Coach wristlet.

The many uses of a Coach wristlet
1. It can be worn alone as a mini purse or a club purse

2. It can be utilized as a wallet accompanying a Coach tote.

3. It can be used as a makeup bag.

** All wristlets can be found at Coach specialty stores and online at
All prices range from $58-$148.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sophisticated Winter Girl

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I know that you are recovering from latter holiday turkey syndrome. Well, I also know that you are recovering from your Black Friday hoax. Yeah yeah I wish I could've told you that your favorite boots were going to be 75% off with only 2 in stock--lol. Well its never too late to add some sophistication to your wardrobe. While you endulge in your skinny jean craze and enjoy your puffed jackets, fur or leather, why don't you add these key pieces to complete your wardrobe for work or play.

Burberry Plaid Tote: $450

Brian Atwood Boots: $870

All items can be found on Saks Fifth Avenue website at

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Beyonce at the American Music Awards

I believe that Beyonce bombed on her arrival outfit-- the turquoise blue dress, the length of the slit, the chunky over glam shoes, her hair and the excess makeup were too over bearing and at the same time downgraded her beauty. Please view the pics below and tell me what you think...

In the last pic she almost seemed uncomfortable.. Now the outfit she performed in should have been her red carpet outfit. I think I would've appreciated the performance more if she was wearing a more down to earth outfit-- even I was more upset because she was dark brown for a couple of days and ran screaming back to the blonde. Oh well--let me leave you with a last gorgeous pic of Beyonce.

Will Smith on Oprah!!!

A fellow Libra Will Smith, was on Oprah today promoting the Pursuit of Happyness and his son Jaden. This movie is the truth!! From seeing the trailer on Oprah, this shows the struggle that people have to go through-- death to unpaid internships--LOL-- I truly believe that unpaid internships are modern day slavery--lol.Well Will Smith also brings daughter Willa to the show and she not only is a spitting image of Will with Jada's eyes but she also has her eyes on the prize and wants to become an actress like her father and mother- View the pics to the left of Will and his son Jaden. If you would like to see more about the interview and movie go to

Screw bestfriends--Diamonds this big can be my husband!!!

This 100-carat yellow diamond is worth 27.5 million dollars and is being displayed in Tokyo at British jeweler Graffs collection.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What a foxy purse!!!

Hello and Good Afternoon my fellow fashionistas. Today I was taking a walk down 45%-75% off lane when I ran into Bloomingdales. As I skimmed through the oh-so-fashionable handbags I ran into an Adrienne Vittadini Fox purse. Tears ran down my eyes with joy when I saw the newly stamped price besides its photo. This bag is so sexy when worn with its other fox coat counterpart or against black leather or a brown puff jacket. Well however you wear this item, it has winter "it" bag physicality.
Adrienne Vittadini Natural Fox Tote
Orig. $598.00
Now $387.99

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lets Mexx It Out With Some Good Ole' VIP Shopping

Who: Mexx

What: Mexx Hosts VIP Shopping Event

When: Saturday, Novemeber 18th, 2006 at 3pm

Where: Washington DC

Why: Its getting cold outside, iits time to pick up a new winter coat and try to replenish your tired winter wardrobe.

P.S. Ladies and Gents if you bring a special someone with you-- you can get 10% off your entire purchase. Btw there will be a live D.J there along with top stylists from New York. Get off your booty and take a trip down to DC Mexx.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hey you Goody two-shoes!!!

Yes, my favorite item of the year is here!!! Yes patent leather flats from Delias. Although I know ladies, its about that time to pull on your Coach rainboots, Uggs or Marc Jacob moonboots; These flats are awesome and show your playful side. These shoes are $24 and run from sizes 6-10.

Why do your slacks slack???

I happened to be walking home from work, when I coincedentally saw a strikingly tall woman who could pass as a runway model, well maybe she was a runway model-- you know how Soho, NY is. Well one thing I noticed was that she had a very expensive coat-- that was gorgeous, but when you look down at her pants-- ugh!! They were hi-waters- - hi water slacks are tacky and not to mention not exactly fashionably correct considering that we in the fashion society have come to terms that crop pants are cool. So in this post, I decided to show how women can get a nice pair of slacks whether you are tall and short-- well lets get started.

First, in order to rememdy the tall girl in soho-- I would dash her a pair of these pants

for starters-- now see these pants are a triple threat for whatever you are looking for. First they are long-(so say goodbye to hi-waters) I love the look when you have boots, or stiletto pointy heels and all you see is the cone-point of the shoe. Secondly, if you have a small butt, this pant gives the illusion of a big butt because of its high waist. Lastly, for women with lower abdominal issues-- these pants act like a slight garter.

Now ladies who are much shorter (i.e. 5'5-below) should try these pants on for size.

These pants are sexier for shorter women because they give an illusion of longer legs. Wearing them just like the way the model is in the picture--sans boot, is best because having foot cleavage is makes your legs look longer. These pants also give you the illusion of an hour glass figure--so if you already have the hour glass--you have nothing to worry about.

1)Alvin Valley Narrow Pant $253

2)Alvin Valley Grace Pant $253

These pants can be found at

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

J.J. Fad - Supersonic-- Flashback

I love these ladies-- and they were all cute and killing it--

The hottest workout video: Fergie// Fergalicious

This video pumps me up in the middle of a boring work day.-- For those that remember JJFAD's supersonic-- this is where the inspiration came from. I love it and for those that are bored, or just chilling do some pilates to this song-- trust me your endorphins will sky-rocket

Monday, November 13, 2006

Neiman Marcus Sale!!!--Last Day of Free Shipping

Last day of free shipping for Neiman Marcus's Last-Call sale!!!!. Fashionistas, spend $150+ and get all of your stylish goodies for free. Great scotts!! This is about to be a big one!! There is still enough time to get all of the faves you craved from last season to this season-- get on this now!

The bag viewed here on your left is the Ellen Tracy Leather Frame Satchel in Rose Quartz. It was $376 and now its $276. --Get it while supplies last.

Its finally here!! The Dereon Fleur Spice hoody!! As worn on Beyonce in her video irreplaceable

Finally, whew!! I remember when I saw Beyonce come out with this zip up hoody in her video Ireplaceable-- I was like man, I need to find out when this hoody is coming out!! My prayers have been answered and it is finally here on The hoody which is named Fleur Spice-- from all the fleur de lice logos splattered all over is $79 and is on back order with sizes S-XL and being shipped by 11/30. It contains faux-fur on the inside and is reversable. Now this hoody is truly irreplaceable--

What I want now: UGG® Australia Ultimate Short Boot

I love Ugg boots, but nothing makes you hate a shoe when your feet get wet in inclement weather. Well the first generation Ugg boot had a sole so soft, you can feel pebbles under your feet when yu walk, they also make your feet look really "doofy" and pretty "ugg-ly" if you know what I mean. Now this Ugg boot can make your feet look decent, due to the darker contrast of the lug sole and at the same time keep your feet dryer and more protected than its first generation. They are very stylish and you donot have to commit to the skinny jean rule with them. Pair them with your sevens or citizens from last year ladies-- I hope you will enjoy this shoe this upcoming winter season.

This Ugg boot can be found on and are going for $159. They come in three colors Black, Chestnut and Sand. If you act now, on nordstrom's website-- you get free shipping.-- Smooches

Friday, November 10, 2006

Look I know I am late: Tom Ford Farrah glasses

Yes, like I said I know I am late but I am in love with these sunglasses. They are the epitome of 80's chic.-- Did I say that?? 80's chic?? Thats a paradox--lol. I love these sunglasses because if your hair is pulled back into a sleek bun, it gives the illusion of a retro Audrey Hepburn. Try it for yourself, you'll love it. In specialty retailers now. Farrah glasses are going for $260.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gap Inc. Opens Subsidiary Online Shoe Shop..

Hey fashionistas!!!, Gap opens up, a place where shoe-maniacs can purchase their shoes from top designers. From what I see-- it doesn't rival, but if the shoe you coveth is sold out--here is an alternative place to visit. Enjoy fashionistas and may your shoe game stay tight!

Right now you can get $15 off any purchase $75+-- so hey get to shopping!

The shoe to your left is the Bettye Miller Pendant and it is going for $385!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I want to wear: A baby doll dress!

Ladies, I know there are alot of trends that have been out there that you may have wanted to try but are afraid to put it on. Well today I decided to start what is called-- "I Want to Wear" It is supposed to attack these trends and make it a sophisticated and easy piece to wear-- whatever age you are. Today we will try the babydoll dress. The babydoll dress can knock off years if worn with stocking and patent leather round toe pumps or can hide a pregnancy bump. It can also make you look like your expecting. Soooo I, fashion honey decided that I will turn this dress into something that can be worn to look your cutest.

Ok Instead of wearing it in pink for starters why dont we try a fall color like grey or navy blue.

Why dont we throw a nice pair of slim fit jeans-- skinny is so passe' (lol)

From there why dont we add a nice belt with substance to the waist line-- so that way if you are not preggers-- you will not offend yourself. Besides everyone should know that adding a belt to your waistline that is dark-- cinches and takes off inches to your waist line.

Now you know the shoe game has to be tight, so for those that are tall it is sexier to wear tall boots and for women that are shorter its sexier to wear the ankle boots that are hot for this season. *** But, if you are shorter than 5'4 and wear a size 8 or more in the ankle boot-- please wear at your own discretion. They can end up looking like banana shoes.***

No out fit is great this fall with out a nice jacket to layer on top of the entire piece.

What lady is complete with out her hand bag and jewelery. Here I have the new Fendi bag (Canvas Bag du jour) and a Kenneth Cole handbag for people who fall into either price point.

Here is the jewelery as promised...

The babydoll dress can be found on Along with the belt the beautiful model was wearing. The boots and necklace can also be found on that site too- happy shopping! Dont worry, its just fashion honey!!

I am crazy about : Hello Kitty !!

Hey Ladies and Gents-- I love Hello Kitty and now not only Kimora Lee Simmons holds the license on this adorable feline, but Bath and Body works has opened an exclusive Hello Kitty line that is complete with an Austrian Pave' mirror going for $65.00, a charm bracelet for $35.00, a cute beaded face evening bag for $25.00 and aons of other collectibles suituble for your makeup case. This bag is hip for fashionistas at every age and is now available on

Shoe of the week

Shoes, shoes, shoes-- what woman can say that they have enough shoes. Well if you do-- not only do you lie but all of your heels are worn to smidgens--lol. Anyways-- I was browsing through through the Neiman Marcus website and came upon this shoe from the Moschino cheap and chic collection. This shoe goes well with a dark pair of Antik Denim jeans and does very well with the flowy lacy shirts that are out this season. This jeweled pump goes for $515.00 and has a 3 3/4 heel. Wear it for a night out on town, a dinner date or just with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I know the price is steep--but hey-- you have to have one expensive item in your

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brace Your Selves: Coach Steps up in accessory department

This year Coach celebrates its 65th anniversary. It was established in 1941-duh? From debuting beautiful bold stripes this fall, equestrian logo saddle boots and lizard embossed shoes-- I must say Coach is hitting this anniversary with a bang. Now Coach has designed these gorgeous jewel tone bangles that can match with your layered look this season. The bangles featured here can be found on the website and at specialty retailers. The bangles go for $78-$148.
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