Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas my dear Fashionistas!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Beyonce Covers Instyle Magazine

Beyonce looks same old same old. I think she needs to leave the public for about two months. I feel like she does not give us a chance to miss her for a while and I think its very important to start the new year with out seeing her. It is wonderful that she is succeeding in her craft--but she may be experiencing a backlash pretty soon.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I guess being a hoe is not in Fashion!!

Carmen Bryan on the Wendy Williams show. This girl is very bold and best believe that Wendy Williams took her ass to the cleaners. Watch as Wendy sprays her book and mic with Lysol--

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eva has joined the fade to black movement--Hooray!!

Alicia Keys--looking really racy for new film with Common

Beyonce goes backless for her clothing line

**Pictures courtesy of house of dereon***

A nice gift to give to a Pen Theif!!--LOL

Today at work, someone stole my pen. This pen was a very important part of my life. It was actually a limited edition from COACH!! I know many of you know that feeling. Last night I was with one of my homegirls and we were eating out and she ended up trading a nice pen with a waiter due to incertainty. Later on she realizes the pen she traded was not hers because the pen she was utilizing at the moment- felt horrible and lacked the luxurious padding needed to comfort the the outer corners of your index finger. Well thats the same way I felt, so now from those experiences, I decided to find a nice gift to give a pen theif and how better than to offer a glittery pen to them, so that way when you steal it from them, they can notice thats its theirs and feel the kharma--lol.How devious is this posting???

Aside from the drama--lol-- this pen can be found on Neiman Marcus's website and its actually called the NM Exclusive Crystal Pen-- one pen goes for $60.

Bre!! From America's Next Top Model!! Where are you???

I miss seeing Bre's face from America's Next Top Model, she was really cool when I met her earlier this year on 42nd street-Time Square. She seems to have so much potential, but I rarely see her anywhere! Is she working? Here are some pics of her from like September in a magazine. I also saw her in this upcoming Essence in the hair section. But to me that was nothing at all compared to Dani Evans a.k.a Danielle Evans, cycle 6 winner of ANTM which happened to be like the next page over. I know that Bre is on the box of Soft-Sheen Carson's Dark and Lovely hair coloring set-- but even that cover was so airbrushed-- it didn't even look like her. Well enjoy some pretty pics that I took from concreteloop-- maybe if I can interview her I can get some prospects about whats going on in her life.

What I want NOW!!! Jet Black Straight Hair

I am salivating, I am feening, I truly truly want -- jet black long straight hair. Here, you can view Ciara and Rhianna--two of my favorite poster gals of the moment. This hairstyle can be performed utilizing about three full packs of weave--about 24-28 inches long or if you have the money-- utilize a wig. Well, If anyone knows a hairstylist that can perform a miracle like this--holla at ya fashion honey!!

CIARA:: You have become a hamsicle!!

I don't even care what designer hooked her up for this hamsicle of an outfit. She looks like she is trying to bring back garbage can chic mixed with Mary poppins. Ciara I sentence you to use your money at Bergdorfs--mateer of fact Forever 21 and please "PROMISE" me that you will not ever wear this out fit again.
Now I know that I am going to acrue fire from this posting--but I feel like I need to get this off my chest. Here are the three lovely ladies from Dreamgirls: Anika, Jennifer and Beyonce. This happens to be a movie premiere not a ball room gala. Why does Beyonce feel the need to try to upstage people. I don't care how nice this gown is __Beyonce, you are not getting an Oscar nod!!! This is a premier, the other two ladies and distinguished guests as well where dressed to a T. I think Beyonce doesn't seem to realize that she can show up to this premiere with a white tank, blue jeans and heels on and still erradicate glamour. She is trying too darn hard here and needs a smack upside her head--she's waisting fabric, there are kids needing clothing in Africa and other impoversihed places--while Beyonce is sitting here utilizng the material to try to upstage people.--lol

Now you can RIP the Runway on your mobile phone!!!

Now you can play America's Next Top Model from your own mobile phone. In the US you can download this game for $5.99 and unfortunately, only Sprint and Cingular users can get in on this by sending a text message to these two websites: and .

The game consists of all the past contestants from the show and you going to build their modeling careers. You can also play with your friends!! What is Tyra going to think up next???

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ok I will start for a few.....

1. Wait a minute--hey How come I am not in the middle?-Beyonce

2. Damn I picked the wrong part-- I should've been Effie!!--- I guess this means I might have to kick Jennifer Hudson out this group!!-- Beyonce again

Kelis tricked me!!! I thought she faded to black!!!

I really hate what she has done to her her hair. Ok maybe HATE is too strong of a word. I grotesquely dislike this hair color on her. Here she is viewed with Vanessa Simmons at a Ronald McDonald Charity Fashion show where they both modeled in it. I love Vanessa's haircolor but I really dislike Kelis's-- I feel like if she did it in the summer time-- or after a vacation-- she would be alright-- but her complexion is too pale for this contraption.

Fashion Honey's Christmas **Wish** List 2006

Yes, tis the season to be jolly!!! Tis to the season to give me what I want and not what I need--lol-- I am so so ready for Christmas and I am so ready for what the New Years has to bring. Well check out my list and maybe you may see things on here that can be a part of your list. Dont forget that the Thursday after Thanks giving is the Easter of Shopping-- so please be ready with your cash or plastic and maybe you can pick me up a little something something.--lol

1) Gucci Abby Large Tote - $650
2) Apple MacBook 13in - Starting at $1009 and up

3) Victoria's Secret Pink Sweat Suit - Pieces start at $26

4)Gucci Bamboo Ballerina - $410

5) Fendi Canvas/Patent Eyelet Bag - $1400

6) Burberry Stainless steel watch with the check - $295

7) Burberry Wrap and Novacheck gloves - $495 and $245

8) Juicy Couture Logo Napa Slipper - $150

9) Dereon Fluer Spice Hoody - $79

Monday, December 11, 2006

Amerie - Take Control (Official !!)

Here is Amerie's new song where she is profiling with the same dress Jessica Simpson made famous after she broke up with Nick Lachey. I think Jessica wore it better, but this is an ok comeback song. I believe Amerie is trying really hard and she looks cute!! I love the fact that she is following the fade-to-black hair movement!!

Beyonce - Artist Of the Month - Comcast part 1/4

Beyonce - Artist Of the Month - Comcast part 2/4

Beyonce - Artist Of the Month - Comcast part 3/4

Beyonce - Artist Of the Month - Comcast part 4/4

Here is a cool Beyonce collage from Comcast on TV--- For all of you Beyonce lovers out there--here's your chance to get some styles and dance moves lol

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Caption this pic!!

Ignorance as a GIFT!!!

I was also shopping on Kitson online and I came across this gift!-- Or piece of trash--that is in my opinion. I find it, that giving someone a PIMP cup for Christmas is not only ignorant but at the same time unacceptable. I don't know if its just only me--but as a woman that is part of the African diaspora community this just makes me feel a new low. This PIMP cup represents frivolousness.

Lets have L.A.M.B. at work, for play and for dinner!!!

Are you tired of wearing a Louis Vuitton speedy and you notice that every one and their mother, grand mother and little daughters have one?? Well maybe its that time to try to switch your handbag game up. As a fashionista-- you should be able to styleswitch without compromising your wardrobe. So, I decided to check out a website that happens to be a huge store in LA where many fashionistas and wannabes flock to get the freshest trends. This store is Kitson. From there I found Gwen Stefani's line L.A.M.B which stands for Love Angel Music Baby---(hurry up and come and save me--lol). I happen to be a huge Gwen fan!! Anyways check out these hot bags they can be found on Kitson's website at!! Hurry up while supplies last!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Billboard Music Awards 2006 was alright this year-- but nothing beats a real performance from my girl Mary J. Blige. I am pleased about how Mary always gives 100% when she performs. She recieved 9 Billboards last night and please donot get it twisted with all the fake rumors that her and her husband have split up-- all folly! Please take a look to the left (to the left)--lol where you will see her not only happy but abiding to my fashion advice--by wearing my most coveted fashion item for winter a fur stole.--Gotta love Mary, her life and her style.

I love love love Kelly in this pic. This is real in its existence. I love Kelly's bag. This bag is the Zac posen bag that her ace boon coon Beyonce had a couple months earlier in September. I definitely love the all black and Chinchilla fur scarf. Go Kelly-- I always appreciated Kelly and I just wish that she can produce an album that actually has platinum caliber. I feel like she gets short changed with the certain producers that were on her album.

Ok, I know that Mel B from the spice girls has already made my bad list already this week. But darn it--to her terrible hair and bad costume-like outfits. I embrace the fact that she is pregnant, but there is much more hip maternity wear out there!! Can somebody please let Mel know to condition her hair. For all of my family and friends that know me-- they know that I coveted her in the spice girls-- maybe she needs to revamp her style. Hey Mel B--call me--I can fix that wardrobe up in a NY minute.

**Pictures courtesy of***

Monday, December 04, 2006

I can kill for this Fendi Spybag

I am so so in love with this Fendi!!! I remember when Nicky Hilton was caught shopping with this same exact one-- I just never been the same. Now here is Amerie a couple months later looking mod chic with this bag-- Can money just fall from the heavens or maybe this bag-- so I can complete my chic winter look this December. This bag can be found at Fendi stores.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Beyonce is her fashion going a little Granny??

Ok--I am the number one Beyonce fan and I am definitely her critic-- The first thing I would like to get off of my chest is the fact that Beyonce has been having this overall streak of wearing clothing that can mirror that of a woman from a nursing home. I hate her shoes in this post and lately, she has been wearing shiny stockings with everything.-- She is beautiful and that is undeniable-- but she needs to revamp her look. She is only 25 for petes sakes and she dresses like she is 50. She needs to fire whomever gives her tips-- I hope its not her mom--lol-- cuz then that explains her look.

Please banish fur-- in this retrospect!!

I remember when these bigfoot boots were in style- - and I said remember-- utilization of past tense. Its time to get rid of the Santa Clause collars and the big boots-- these pieces look tacky and makes me wish I was mother nature and ban winter. There are many beautiful styles this winter that both Mel B and MC can do-- but these are not one of them.
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