Thursday, December 13, 2007

Honey From A Different Hive

Good morning Fashion Honeys! Rise and Shine!!!!-- As you know I am a big fan about whats hot in the t.v world. I just wanted to make sure that you are up on latest as well. When I am so excited about the happenings in the entertainment world I don't mind sharing a little honey with you. Check some of these sites below! Lastly I want to thank all of my readers and for those checking in I truly appreciate it.
P.S. Heidi wore this dress twice-haha

The Hills Star Heidi Montag with out ring??....People

Jessica Alba is preggers!!People

Britney to play Virgin Mary..WTF?....TMZ

Golden Globes Nominations are announced.... OMG

Girls... I am so GREEN with fashion envy

Fashion Honeys... Green is all over the place and is the hottest color for December. Green has been stretched upon the heavenly bodies of Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rhianna and so many other celebs. The red carpet was draped from head to toe with the essence of green and I am so green with envy because I don't own a darn thing with green in it. Even though I have been told that it matches my complexion well. Yesterday I went to Forever 21 seeking the perfect Emerald green dress-- and there was none- oh well.

Check out the hot styles from my girls below:


Vanessa Williams

Tyra Banks

Jada Pinkett with family

Mary J and Jessica Alba with the same dress on

Kimberly Elise

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I STRONGLY dislike Tyra's bangs!!!!

Dear Tyra Banks,

I totally dislike your non banging weave. I don't know what look you were going for--but it's not fair all of us watching your shows-If you thought you looked like an alien before- you are truly confirming your thoughts- this has to stop. I miss when you used to wear your lace font wigs and have them nicely shaped with tousled curls-- now all I get is this hobbled weave and it saddens my heart. Tyra please bring your forehead back-- I promise I won't clown your fivehead anymore.

Love Fashion Honey.

P.S. Please watch the funny out of hell video that I displayed with her weave almost getting blown off below. LOL

Fashion Honey on the scene at the Complex Magazine Party

Hello Fashion Honeys! I went to the Complex Magazine Party about three weeks ago and I forgot to show you the pics-- how vile of me!!! Long overdue-- yet well waited-- Here they are. Check out the pics and commentary below.

The Complex Magazine Party took place at Training Camp on 41st and the Avenue of the Americas in New York City and it was the most popping event I have been to all year. It was sponsored by Honda and they had a theme called "Revelations". Complex Platinum Club and many of the industry's top people were there especially me. Free drinks, Free full body massage, gift bags and hot urban clothing and accessories- you can't go wrong! I got interviewed based on what my revelations were for 2007 and I was very happy to be there. The most fashionable night ever!

People waiting on line:

Honda Revelations: The Theme of the Party

Inspecting my chair lol

Taking a second to profile

My beautiful homegirls

The Latest Magazine Covers.. Kristin Bell is on the newest one

Inside of Training Camp

Hot Sneakers

Monday, December 10, 2007

The wrong way to eat a Reeses

I am suprised to see that Shay Shay-- Ashanti's younger sister is looking a hot mess up in Mars 2112.

#1: Cottage Cheese Thighs have never been in fashion. If you suffer from this severe issue wear flesh colored support hoisery. Beyonce does it all the time.

#2. The girl is only 18! Go figures she needs to put on something less sultry-- This outfit makes her look a haggard 28 years old.

#3. Whatever happened to asking your big sis for some makeup and style tips-- please don't tell me all of the greatest things went to her!

I am in shock and saddened for the Glen Cove teenager. I hope she goes to fashion jail. Because of her age I will send her off on misdemeanor charges in the juvenile fashion penitentary.

Spring 2008: Taste the rainbow: Lines inspired by skittles

I am so happy that New York hasn't truly been hit by the likes of a blizzard or freezing temperatures yet. There has to be actually one day last month where I needed a pair of gloves to keep my digits warm. As I was sitting here thinking about my dream vacation-- which I deserve for next year-- I wondered to myself-- "Self what is the latest styles hitting the stores for this spring?" Self decided to check online and view the ready-to-wear shows. As I got back into first person I decided to see what was hot and what will leave for next year!--

Well I realized that patent leather is here to stay and that we are going to be hit with an Alberta Clipper worth of rainbow colors for 2008. I am excited because the creativity landscape will increase and the usage of different textures will arise. I viewed alot of patchwork arise, crocodile, patent leather and beads. We will not be seeing too much of the Color Purple-- (remember purple was the new black from latter summer to latter fall) The incoming 2008 will set the reign for the color pink in many variations. I love purple but I will definitely be looking forward to that pink. Other colors include powder blue and palm leaf green.

To see a preview of the Spring 2008 Ready-to-wear pieces from the hottest designers check them out below and enjoy them--If we all wish hard enough here in New York winter can be over by the end of February.-- Yeah right in my dreams.
My favorites:
The Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag and Vernis Monogram Bag

The Emilio Pucci Leather and Python Patchwork Bag

Giambattista Valli Patent Leather Pink Sole Sandal and Patent Leather T-Strap Sandal

Fendi Extra Large Handpainted Baguette

Reminds me of Madonna in the Material Girl Video
Christian Louboutin Stain Bow Peeptoe Pump

Givenchy Pony Hair and Leather Postino bag

Roger Vivier Kitch'Net Platform Pump

Christian Lacroix

Christian Dior Diamante' Heel Pump

Christian Louboutin Satin Pump with ribbons and feathers for the catwalker in you.

Photos courtesy of Denko on Style

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I am going to miss THE HILLS!!!

I am going to like so miss THE HILLS!!! Lauren Conrad pictured here was the epicenter of the entire show but with her daring cast of friends (my favorites-- Audrina and Whitney) and foes(Spencer and Heidi) you learn that THE HILLS is a classic reality show with a whole lot of drama.

I know it seems weird but I started to stay tuned to this show when Lauren, 21 decided to move to LA to pursue her dream in fashion and show us what life is like when you live the rich and fashionable life. With a die-for internship at Teen Vogue she narrates the show and makes it "as funny as it sounds" believeable that rich people hurt too..!!! HAHAH

Another thing that I loved about THE HILLS was the fashion sense. Brands were schlepped around like a bag of potatos in Idaho and I decided to showcase a montage of them below.

I am so going to miss the Hills and I am hoping that all goes well with Lauren and Brody.

Beyonce loves her Fendi bags

I usually try to keep up on Beyonce's trends because she actually has been holding it down in the fashion department, especially for us curvy fashionistas. Beyonce has emerged as the it girl for glam fashion. Today I will focus on her bag obession with Fendi. Beyonce's stylist loves taking risks with colors and how they transcend on her fashion palette. So why not tote a bright ultra-chromatic fendi bag with your latest boots and sweaters.

1. Beyonce toting the Fendi Sequined Bauletto Grande Bag in Camoflauge-3980

1. Beyonce toting the convertable leather Zucca bag with a Fendi belt around her waist

You can own your favorite Fendi bag too...
If you would like something similar to what Beyonce has--you can check these out
a. Fendi Bauletto Grand Bag at Neiman Marcus..$3890

To go with your ultimate winter collection try these:
b. Fendi Logo Belt in Suede and Convertible Zucca in Orginal Tobacco Zucca and Patent at Neiman Marcus....$425 and $1600

I am so loving her style right now. As Beyonce finishes celebrating her man's b-day (Jay-Z) December 4th, we wonder of she will finally call it a vacation. I want to miss her. LOL

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My obsession with: A Smaller WAIST!!!

I love my body-- I truly do... I love my body... how about you. I love my shape. I give myself kisses everyday as I get out the shower. I would never trade in my shape for a million bucks. BUUUTTTT!!!-- I have always wanted the appearance of a smaller waist. I don't know whether it was because of the new craze blazing the summer season with all of the high waist dresses, skirts and jeans-- but I feel like I am too young to be trying to wear a girdle. So I say to myself--Self? Should I work out to get that smaller waist or should I just pull a rib out??--lol no ribs are coming out this body-- but I just want to know how I can fake the funk and appear thin in the waist, cute in the face and holding out down with style and grace.

Before I go on to the SECRET--shhh!!-- I will pay homage to the celebrity thin-waisted:

Rumor has it that she has a 27inch waist and a 49inch hip-- darn!!

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham's waist is the size of a competition soccer ball

Now on to the secrets-- and outfits that can make your waist appear smaller:

Do wear a contrast on color-- your top should appear lighter than your bottom and your belt should be darker to nip your waist in. A pencil skirt and a flowy top can assist you with this look.
Dress: Firetrap

Do wear a dress with great color and slap a belt around your waist like Rhianna. Her stylist played up her "Good girl gone Bad" look by dressing her in head to toe Gucci. For the winter you can add purple hoisery and a black slim turtleneck.

Dress by Gucci

Things to not do if you are trying to achieve this look!

Wearing bubble style dresses-- volume takes away a figure.

Wearing large prints on tunic style dresses

Yes and even Beyonce can lose her small waist in the midst of these dresses.

Well thats all for now! Love yourself and try to make due with what you have and as I leave you with some news that I heard weeks ago-- I laugh and hope that this isn't true--please click on this... Women with curves have smarter children
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