Thursday, September 20, 2007

A True Fashion Honey: Ashanti

Ashanti may have a single out right now that may have the approval rating of the Bush administration, but you can't front that this FashionHoney has true style. I don't mean to sound biased since we both are from NY but her style is so ill and she always wears the unthinkable and still looks cute. ...Check out my fave video from her after the post.

Now as for one person who has fallen off.. the lady in the pic below may need someone to revamp her style.

Who wore it better: Herve Leger Edition

As I was browsing on the net-- man these days I have been bored after work. I went over to look at Ciara's website-- shout out to Ciara-Harris.Net!!! I saw some stills from her summer hit: I Can't Leave Him Alone-- featuring 50 cent. Great video check it out below the post. When I check out the stills with her in the ultra sexy and beyond hot purple and silver Herve Leger bandage dress-I was inspired to hit the gym-That dress is wrapping celebrity bodies on red carpets everywhere.
Speaking of hitting a red carpet event, Mrs. David Beckham was looking just as stealth in the same exact Herve Leger on September 10th, 2007. Another shout out to OMG!. Although Ciara wore it first, we still need to know who wore it best, let me know what you think.

Check out her latest jam "Can't Leave Em Alone" below

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Hate That I Love Her: Rhianna

I am inspired by her new found style and I love this song and her look for the new video featuring Ne-yo. If I am not correct the petticoat she is sporting in the photo above is from the Marc Jacobs collection. No Umbrellas or Rainboots needed here.. Just a plain ear and an open heart. Ne-Yo is a musical genius.

Fashion Honey Sweat Couture: Old Navy Jogging Suits

Yes, ya'll I am so glad to bring the true beauty of being a woman to this blog. This blog was inspired by my sweetheart who likes my jogging suits as well as me in just jeans and a t-shirt. Screw Victoria Secret Pink and their overpriced jogging suits--Old Navy is where it's at.

After a hard day at work, I love to slip in my Old Navy Jogging Suits (Debuted: Summer 2007 at Old navy Stores Nationwide) As you see in pics of me modeling my fave colors you can tell that I am at the epitome of ease and relaxation. The jogging suits are very affordable at tops going for $20 and bottoms for $15.

What is so sad is the fact that I wanted these pieces in yellow as well as red, but they are all sold out. :%-- I am not happy, but if you already own it in those colors--you are so lucky. Enjoy it. The weather is going cold and I need to fly south with the birds.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A True Fashion Honey: Victoria "Posh" Beckham

In exception of Amerie's thoughtless style, I slave over the style of Posh Beckham. Sexy wife and great mom this Brit is jampacked with an heir of style and grace. She is the epitome of fashion and a Fashion Honey if you haven't already been jocking her style to watch over. I always loved her style when she was a part of the fantabulous group the Spice Girls, you can tell she loves her shape and enjoys running over racks of clothes. Expect more posts about her in the future.

Check out her smashing Oscar De La Renta's mini mod dress ensemble complete with her signature bug-eyes frames, cinched patent leather belt and matching clutch-- her wardrobe is to die for!! It's just a shame that we can't see her shoes-- probably a pair of Loubous...( hating--lol)

She is attending Oscar De La Renta's Mercedes Benz, Spring 2008 Fashion Show in NYC.

Love, Fashion Honey!

Photo brought to you by Wire Image

Fashion Honey Takes Fashion to the Emmy's!!!

This year I am hoping that the Emmy's will show some love to my favorite shows. I would like to give a shoutout to Law and Order, with out you I wouldn't know how to analyze this crazy world in the eyes of the legal system. My next shoutout goes to Desperate Houswives, without you I wouldn't have learned about all the things you shouldn't do to your husband when you are already committed.LOL!! Lastly, a Fashion Honey shoutout to Ugly Betty without you, I wouldn't be able to reminisce turning down Vibe Vixen for an internship.

OK!!! Now on to my fashionhoney faves, dislikes as well as big-ups!!!
The Fashion Honey Best Designer Gown of the Night goes to...
Eva LaRue

The dress is a perfect cut and fit. It shows off her wonderful figure as well as the white on black color block action creates a whittled waist line as well as a perfect silhouette. This is a dress that can be worn for years!!- I love it.

The Fashion Honey Best Use of Color award goes to..
Kimora Lee Simmons

America Ferrera

Minnie Driver

Mommy-to-be, COnstance Zimmer

Fashion Honey worst gown of the Night// The Honorary Burn It Award goes to.....drum roll please
Debra Messing

I disliked this dress because her figure suffered and she looked like a four tiered wedding cake. It looked like a Jessica Mc Clintock dress gone bad. With her lucious red locks and perfect athletic shape-- post baby, I would've expected her to at least give us some color other than this poor white on black action.

Thats all for now!! Fashion Honey signing off!!

Special Thanks to WireImage
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