Thursday, March 07, 2013

Instagram Thursday: Fashion Honey Finds on Instagram!!!

Hello Fashion Honey's!

I having so much fun checking out my fashionable peers on instagram!! Check out some of my favorite instaposts from some of my fashion honey approved pics on instagram. If you would like to find out more about where they got their outfits, accessories or their services, feel free to @ them!!


Draya from Basketball Wives LA on Vh1 is definitely doing her thing with her MintSwim Swimwear Line. Today she gave us a peek of new fabric swatches. I guess she is inspired by the Chinese New Year by picking some fruit bursting python prints. I am so excited to see what is to come!!

Kate Moss and Karl Lagerfeld, the haute couture aristocracy gave major face at Carrine Roitfeld's CRFashionbook party in Paris. Pick up your own book now at your newstands for $20.

Friend in my head Shopcletique, looked stunning in her Aryn K Maxi dress. Looking like the Chiffon goddess with a full head of flowing hair, she looked effortless and fab. If you want this dress follow her on instagram!

It was a wrap for Marc Jacobs, as he displayed his model board with African inspired head turbans for his SS/13 Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's Wear line.

Hayden Williams, an inspiration and amazing fashion sketcher, enticed me to want to see the new Disney movie - OZ. Check out the modernized Wicked Witch of the West gown!! Stunning. Hayden really knows how to work the details.

Last and not least, Miss,"What You Not Gonna Do" Tami Roman of Basketball Wives of Miami fame, shared a collage of famous people (Tatyana Ali, Kat Willams, The Mann's, Coco etc.) that she has encountered among her years. I am actually happy for her success. She is doing some amazing things, have you seen her on that NV commercial?

I hope you enjoyed, my favorite instagrams! Till next time!!

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