Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fashion Honey Survival Basics for living in NY

As I watch all of the freshman and new hires march in to their institutions of higher learning or earning, I am so mesmerized by the new hits and staples for this fall. There is an arising of bold lace ala Prada and others. I am not excited because unfortunately my wardrobe will be staying the same this fall. But for all you fashion honeys that are kinda kicking rocks and wondering what cool outfits to wear to work and play this fall... Check out my collection that I concocted on the Polyvore "oh so addictive" website. I love it. It is a play on prep chic, girls just wanna have fun and Parisian chic. Check it out and let me know if you are loving it!!!

These are all of my favorite fashion survival basics that can be mixed and matched for work, fun and play. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fashion Honey is back and Enjoying Polyvore!!!!

I am so sorry!! I believe I have made this speech to my readers around this same time last year. My life has been so busy and I am learning so much about many industries, I haven't had time to take care of my baby!!! Well... guys I just want to say thank you for those who continued to join my readership and trust me. I will stay on top of my game more than ever.

Okay getting back to the Fashion Honey you love!!!! So I was checking out the weather and it reminded me of when I used to get ready to go back to school. This year has been quite unusual when it comes to weather and I am not going to go into the "Go-Green" speech, that's for tommorrow, but the weather has been quite wierd. I thought that we were in the middle of September. Oh well!!! I wanted to show you all a cutesy take on fall and perhaps what you may see me wearing on the streets of Soho in latter September. Check it out and let me know what you think!!! I miss hearing from all of you and I hope that we can reconnect again!

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