Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nas and Kelis to start reality show

Yes, this morning as I was listening to the wonderful Ms. Jones on Hot 97. Believe your ears or not Nas and Kelis hip hop royalty are to follow the footsteps of newlyweds Jessica and Nick (recently soon to be divorced) to start their own show. I firmly believe that couples that go and start these shows that open doors about their lives causes trouble in the relationship leading to divorce. If what I am saying doesnt comprehend-- lets look at our reality couple veterans.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston- road to divorce and now Bobby lives with Karrine "Supa Head" Steffans
Travis Barker and His Beauty Queen wife -- road to divorce and Travis banged out Paris Hilton
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey-- road to divorce and Jessica is slutting herself all over hollywood , while Nick finally settles with Vanessa Minillo MTV-jay

If there are any more that I missed please fill me in-- besides that I donot want to see anymore reality shows unless they are of the caliber of Project Runway on Bravo, America's Top Model on CW-11 and Flavor of Love on VH1.

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