Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New York and Mom to have their own reality show

A While ago after the Flavor of Love reunion aired there was speculation that Ms. New York wanted to have her own reality show. Well now it is so-- after hearing for the last time that Mama New York does not want her daughter dating flavor-- we realize that the shannigans have gone oh but so far. With the last episode flaring up into mini wars between the families of New York and Deelishis-- I know everyone is at the end of their seats wondering who won-- and of course we all know who won-- her name starts with a D figure it out. As for Krazy we already knew about her fake behind-- she was fake from the start but I respect her-- because she didnt really hide her ambitions.-- Well I wonder what the reality show is going to be about???-- I can't wait for another embarrasing and degrading episode to begin

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