Monday, November 06, 2006

I want to wear: A baby doll dress!

Ladies, I know there are alot of trends that have been out there that you may have wanted to try but are afraid to put it on. Well today I decided to start what is called-- "I Want to Wear" It is supposed to attack these trends and make it a sophisticated and easy piece to wear-- whatever age you are. Today we will try the babydoll dress. The babydoll dress can knock off years if worn with stocking and patent leather round toe pumps or can hide a pregnancy bump. It can also make you look like your expecting. Soooo I, fashion honey decided that I will turn this dress into something that can be worn to look your cutest.

Ok Instead of wearing it in pink for starters why dont we try a fall color like grey or navy blue.

Why dont we throw a nice pair of slim fit jeans-- skinny is so passe' (lol)

From there why dont we add a nice belt with substance to the waist line-- so that way if you are not preggers-- you will not offend yourself. Besides everyone should know that adding a belt to your waistline that is dark-- cinches and takes off inches to your waist line.

Now you know the shoe game has to be tight, so for those that are tall it is sexier to wear tall boots and for women that are shorter its sexier to wear the ankle boots that are hot for this season. *** But, if you are shorter than 5'4 and wear a size 8 or more in the ankle boot-- please wear at your own discretion. They can end up looking like banana shoes.***

No out fit is great this fall with out a nice jacket to layer on top of the entire piece.

What lady is complete with out her hand bag and jewelery. Here I have the new Fendi bag (Canvas Bag du jour) and a Kenneth Cole handbag for people who fall into either price point.

Here is the jewelery as promised...

The babydoll dress can be found on Along with the belt the beautiful model was wearing. The boots and necklace can also be found on that site too- happy shopping! Dont worry, its just fashion honey!!

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