Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why do your slacks slack???

I happened to be walking home from work, when I coincedentally saw a strikingly tall woman who could pass as a runway model, well maybe she was a runway model-- you know how Soho, NY is. Well one thing I noticed was that she had a very expensive coat-- that was gorgeous, but when you look down at her pants-- ugh!! They were hi-waters- - hi water slacks are tacky and not to mention not exactly fashionably correct considering that we in the fashion society have come to terms that crop pants are cool. So in this post, I decided to show how women can get a nice pair of slacks whether you are tall and short-- well lets get started.

First, in order to rememdy the tall girl in soho-- I would dash her a pair of these pants

for starters-- now see these pants are a triple threat for whatever you are looking for. First they are long-(so say goodbye to hi-waters) I love the look when you have boots, or stiletto pointy heels and all you see is the cone-point of the shoe. Secondly, if you have a small butt, this pant gives the illusion of a big butt because of its high waist. Lastly, for women with lower abdominal issues-- these pants act like a slight garter.

Now ladies who are much shorter (i.e. 5'5-below) should try these pants on for size.

These pants are sexier for shorter women because they give an illusion of longer legs. Wearing them just like the way the model is in the picture--sans boot, is best because having foot cleavage is makes your legs look longer. These pants also give you the illusion of an hour glass figure--so if you already have the hour glass--you have nothing to worry about.

1)Alvin Valley Narrow Pant $253

2)Alvin Valley Grace Pant $253

These pants can be found at

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