Sunday, December 03, 2006

Beyonce is her fashion going a little Granny??

Ok--I am the number one Beyonce fan and I am definitely her critic-- The first thing I would like to get off of my chest is the fact that Beyonce has been having this overall streak of wearing clothing that can mirror that of a woman from a nursing home. I hate her shoes in this post and lately, she has been wearing shiny stockings with everything.-- She is beautiful and that is undeniable-- but she needs to revamp her look. She is only 25 for petes sakes and she dresses like she is 50. She needs to fire whomever gives her tips-- I hope its not her mom--lol-- cuz then that explains her look.


Mecca said...

Yeah but with all this heresy, is she 25?

Fashion Honey said...

I actually heard from that she was born in 1974-- I was born in the 80's and I am supposed to be a year younger than Beyonce'--lol

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