Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lets have L.A.M.B. at work, for play and for dinner!!!

Are you tired of wearing a Louis Vuitton speedy and you notice that every one and their mother, grand mother and little daughters have one?? Well maybe its that time to try to switch your handbag game up. As a fashionista-- you should be able to styleswitch without compromising your wardrobe. So, I decided to check out a website that happens to be a huge store in LA where many fashionistas and wannabes flock to get the freshest trends. This store is Kitson. From there I found Gwen Stefani's line L.A.M.B which stands for Love Angel Music Baby---(hurry up and come and save me--lol). I happen to be a huge Gwen fan!! Anyways check out these hot bags they can be found on Kitson's website at!! Hurry up while supplies last!

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