Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can't afford Louboutin? Buy Bebe

COCO Double Strap Mary Jane $119 Bebe

Yulissa pump $149 Bebe

Zahara Slingback $149 Bebe

Paris Captoe Houndstooth Slingback $129

Photos: Courtesy of BEBE
I know I already did a Loubou post, fine sue me!! I am obsessed with the whole idea that shoes that are that sexy cost so much. I scoured the five boros and finally I decided to do my shoe raid online. I searched on many sites and finally I realized that BEBE has the best prices in consideration for the style.

All of the shoes posted have a heel at the minimum of 4.5 inches. A norm for a passive Loubou wearer as well as have a padded foot bed. The platform on average is at 1.25 giving all of the vertically challenged wearers some height to talk about. These are my fashion honey pics and I hope you enjoy them.

Check out more shoes from BEBE as well as their amazing sale, with items starting at $9 dollars!!! WOW

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ThisNext Blog said...

I saw those shoes in the window of Bebe ... very sexy.

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