Monday, September 17, 2007

Fashion Honey Sweat Couture: Old Navy Jogging Suits

Yes, ya'll I am so glad to bring the true beauty of being a woman to this blog. This blog was inspired by my sweetheart who likes my jogging suits as well as me in just jeans and a t-shirt. Screw Victoria Secret Pink and their overpriced jogging suits--Old Navy is where it's at.

After a hard day at work, I love to slip in my Old Navy Jogging Suits (Debuted: Summer 2007 at Old navy Stores Nationwide) As you see in pics of me modeling my fave colors you can tell that I am at the epitome of ease and relaxation. The jogging suits are very affordable at tops going for $20 and bottoms for $15.

What is so sad is the fact that I wanted these pieces in yellow as well as red, but they are all sold out. :%-- I am not happy, but if you already own it in those colors--you are so lucky. Enjoy it. The weather is going cold and I need to fly south with the birds.

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