Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fashion Honey Takes Fashion to the Emmy's!!!

This year I am hoping that the Emmy's will show some love to my favorite shows. I would like to give a shoutout to Law and Order, with out you I wouldn't know how to analyze this crazy world in the eyes of the legal system. My next shoutout goes to Desperate Houswives, without you I wouldn't have learned about all the things you shouldn't do to your husband when you are already committed.LOL!! Lastly, a Fashion Honey shoutout to Ugly Betty without you, I wouldn't be able to reminisce turning down Vibe Vixen for an internship.

OK!!! Now on to my fashionhoney faves, dislikes as well as big-ups!!!
The Fashion Honey Best Designer Gown of the Night goes to...
Eva LaRue

The dress is a perfect cut and fit. It shows off her wonderful figure as well as the white on black color block action creates a whittled waist line as well as a perfect silhouette. This is a dress that can be worn for years!!- I love it.

The Fashion Honey Best Use of Color award goes to..
Kimora Lee Simmons

America Ferrera

Minnie Driver

Mommy-to-be, COnstance Zimmer

Fashion Honey worst gown of the Night// The Honorary Burn It Award goes to.....drum roll please
Debra Messing

I disliked this dress because her figure suffered and she looked like a four tiered wedding cake. It looked like a Jessica Mc Clintock dress gone bad. With her lucious red locks and perfect athletic shape-- post baby, I would've expected her to at least give us some color other than this poor white on black action.

Thats all for now!! Fashion Honey signing off!!

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