Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fashion Honey wants.... Rhianna's Flawless Style

I am a huge Rhianna fan, but there is nothing like her new found punk rock meets hip hop style. Rhianna and I (I must boast) have the same measuremets right down to our shoes-- We both wear a size 11 and are 5'8 1/2. The next thing I want in common with this chantruese fashionista is this outfit with her money game on top. Last week she was photographed leaving Stella Mc Cartney with her oh-so-cute doggy Oliver. This week fashion honies enjoy a style montage of her outfit for less.-- I definitely know that those boots are Christian Louboutin--$2000--holla back


Out fit for less

First the boots

Try these 4in. Heel Pull on Thigh High Boots from Michael Salem Boutique $118

Now the dress
Rhianna is truly working that dress but we are on a Fashion Honey budget.. so lets put on a CoCo and Delilah NY Sweater dress for 167.00

Fashion Honey


Sassy said...

Those boots are hot!!!!

Miss O. said...


edgy rockstar glam - i can't get enuf!

three cheers for her new stylist!


Ugochi said...

silly rabbit!

it's your boyfriend's cousin ;)


keep it up with the blog! we're gonna be stars!

Princess of Fashion Honey said...

Thanks girl!!--I love your blog as well!!

Vanya said...

u have to contact me on myspace or we kind alik...not to mention I love Rhi's style as well well hit me Vanya Jeftic

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