Friday, October 12, 2007

There Is Nothing This Lady Can't Do------- Beyonce has a cellphone!!!

Yes it is very true!! Beyonce, singer, songwriter, actress, clothing desiger and the face of L'Oreal, American Express, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Giorgio Armani now has a new cell phone. The Special Edition "B" Phone is designed by Samsung and will be hosted by Sprint for billing. For some wierd reason-- I am not suprised. The phone starts at $99 and will be available in WalMart stores near you on November 4th. Talk about ambition. Well I am glad she is at Sprint because it doesn't give me the temptation to buy one. She shouldv'e designed a blackberry-- then I wouldn't hesitate.

The phone will come in two colors-- burgundy shown above as well as gold.

Photos from Splash News

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