Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fashion Honey Favorite Fashion TV Day: Wednesday!!!!!

Today is the day when I run home early from work to engorge in the plethora of fashion shows!! Today of course if you are an avid fashion honey reader is:

and now we have a new show added to the Wednesday roster:

I am so excited to introduce the new designer cast for Project Runway:

To get names and the biographies of each designer click here

I would usually do a spoiler but unfortunately I am also anticipating the first episode of Season 4.

Back to America's Next Top Model. Last week I was so not pleased with the story of the show. Tyra showing models how to crawl on all floors and dance like a stripper was not fierce to me. The last time I remembered Ellen Degeneres has better dance moves than Tyra. Sometimes I forget that Tyra is a little dingbatted but it's cool because it was funny when the queen of intelligence stated the known fact:

People believe that if you are skinny then that means you are fit-- but it is so not true!!-Tyra

Well onto my favorite part of this story-- the spoiler check it out below

Wednesday 11/14, 8:00 PM: The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool
The models become creative muses for student designers; the models must talk about their custom-made dresses on the runway; the women participate in a photo shoot with a burning car.

Oh yeah and before I forget.. The incredibly shrinking plus size model Sara--has somethings to say based on getting kicked out of the house of Tyra-check it out here

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