Friday, November 02, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Kelly

I love Kelly Rowland, but all and I bet most of you agree that Kelly Rowland is slipping and she can not get a grip on her record sales even if she took a dip in a pool of crazy glue. Lately Kelly has been sited poorly promoting her self at various events. Nothing that breaks my heart is the fact that as her record sales are at the approval rate of the war in Iraq, Kelly's fashion is as well heading down South and I mean farther than Texas.

Here in these two photos it will show Kelly in her performance outfit as well as Kelly on the red carpet at the European Music Awards:

Beyonce had those boots on last year--hmm suspect...

Kelly we all know the skinny pant look is in-- but this unicolor along with the high water sensation is a little too much and out of style. It looks like she stole this outfit from the Destiny's Child Vintage Wardrobe Collection.

I just pray that some stylist can rescue Kelly from all of this fashion drama. Please stay tuned although Kelly has been made an example of-- Nicole Scherzinger is next.

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