Thursday, November 01, 2012

TV Honey: Basketball Wives LA Episode 8 Jewelry

Episode 8 of VH1's Basketball Wives LA (BBWLA) was filled of your usual..... backstabbing, with a side of fights and piece of ratchet. In summation, just good old fun!  One thing that actually stepped  out of no where was the BBWLA's cast jewelry collection; which was not only trendy and on point but so unique and awesome that I needed to be peeled off the screen to save my cornea's. There were some low points with style from Bambi (Malaysia's sidekick from Compton), of whom I wished would've heeded to the old accessories adage: "Before you leave the house remove two pieces off" - She really needed to chill out on her accessories and I felt that they looked too high school. To save her grace I didn't bother to post. Jackie kept it to a minimum and didn't wear too much jewelry this time around, but Draya, Malaysia, Laura, Brooke and Gloria really did their thing!  Check out below some of the pieces [I thought were Fashion Honey worthy] that they wore and where to find most of them!

Draya opened up the show wearing the cutest spike hooped earrings at Brooke's B-day poolside bash! Now we have seen these earrings all over the place (I own a pair), but I love the double hoop action that her earrings are giving me. (Cue Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives Miami saying..."You are not the maker of those earrings boo boo!")

Her earrings are from Richgirlz. Draya is highly fond of earrings from the trendy brand (known for outfitting your favorite reality shows), she has been in full support [of Richgirlz] since BBWLA started. Check her out below rocking other earrings from Richgirlz!

Get Draya's double hoop spiked Richgirlz earrings here

Draya was captured here hanging with Malaysia and Bambi and I pretty much lost it. I had to wonder how those earrings were defying gravity. They were soooo haute!

Draya's earrings are also from Richgirlz, I was salivating on their creative geometric design. I just need to give Ms. Nessa, CEO of Richgirlz alot of props!!! Her designs are honey worthy!!

Brooke also worked the ear candy, by wearing her "Bad Boss Chick LA" earrings from POParazzi
You can get Brooke's POParazzi Earrings here

Laura, appeared in the confessional discussing her drama with Bambi and appeared with a bejeweled fantasy eye look- I mean for some it can come off real 80's disco- but she worked it with a neutral palette and kept her jewelry to a minimum.

Purchase your jewels for your fantasy eye style like Laura Govan here

Laura, continued to finalize the converation in the confessional with this stunning statement necklace!

Younger sister, Gloria Govan was also seen working the statement necklace trend in this beautiful gold draped statement necklace.

If you would like to get Laura and Gloria's statement necklace looks for less check out my choices below:

Laura and Gloria's Looks for less

Saving the best for last, Malaysia Pargo, peacemaker and soft spoken wife- pretty much worked it the entire episode with her hair and jewelry. Check out Malaysia's pieces below.

Malaysia's Chanel earrings worked with her statement necklace shirt.
 As Malaysia was having her fun with Bambi and Draya- her leaf earrings were shimmering on screen.
 She worked her fishbone braid to the side with her medallion earrings- Just Fun!

When Malaysia came in and immediately got confronted by Brooke, I thought... girl... you need to take those earrings off and hand them to me. (haha) I also loved her bun... 

To see the awesomeness that I saw check out the video of Episode 8 below.

Screen steals are courtesy from VH1.

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