Monday, October 02, 2006

Eyelash extensions!! Bag it or Drag it

Ok, now I am from New York and everywhere I go I see women with an extra wing of lashes on their eyes-- and believe me I am freaked out and it scares me. I don't understand why women would insist on wearing lashes longer than the event date or special purpose it was created for. Lash veterans like Carmen Electra, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Pamela Anderson, all must wear these feathery extensions fof illusionary purposes. Now you the normal woman-- who is beautiful with out these things need not wear it on a casual Monday -Friday. It looks like Holloween gone wrong. If you cannot afford to go the lash specialist leave the extensions alone and use Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline or Lash Expert --you can't go wrong and trust me you won't look like a drag queen or a H.A.M. -- So please if you are going out on a night of town-- Bag it.-- But if the night is over-- Drag it.
With Best Intentions, Fashion Honey

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Chyna the GoldenGoddess said...

i must disagree my dear, i dont wear them myself, but i have seen some women who look beautiful in them!! if they are short and natural then fine, but when they r extra Diana Ross long and some are missing or falling to the side, THEY GOTTA GO!!!!

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