Monday, October 02, 2006

House of Dereon--$ 210 Price point!!! WTF??

Ok, first and foremost-- I am a big fan of Beyonce' and I am definitely a huge fan of her House of Dereon jean line.-- But one thing that sickens me the most is that on her website her jeans have risen $100 above the price-point. Is it just me or am I buggin the hell out!!!-- Today I went on her e-fashion solutions website to find a great pair of jeans for the fall-- and to my eyes it was a whoppin $210 freakin' dollars!!! Who does she think she is --Rock and Republic!! How dare she come out to the media talking this yang about making music for the black people-- but she definitely is not making prices for us-- But hey-- I guess in order to be rich in life-- you have to eliminate the lower-end shoppers. Unfortunately-- it won't be me -- because I will be buying a pair at Macy's -- The pair shown above is what I want-- and what I am going to get--LOL

1 comment:

BiTcHeZ iZ pU$Zy, NiGgA$ i$ jUzT dIcK said...

lol i will rather but a pair of pradas then those ugly jeans i am sorry lol

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