Monday, November 13, 2006

What I want now: UGG® Australia Ultimate Short Boot

I love Ugg boots, but nothing makes you hate a shoe when your feet get wet in inclement weather. Well the first generation Ugg boot had a sole so soft, you can feel pebbles under your feet when yu walk, they also make your feet look really "doofy" and pretty "ugg-ly" if you know what I mean. Now this Ugg boot can make your feet look decent, due to the darker contrast of the lug sole and at the same time keep your feet dryer and more protected than its first generation. They are very stylish and you donot have to commit to the skinny jean rule with them. Pair them with your sevens or citizens from last year ladies-- I hope you will enjoy this shoe this upcoming winter season.

This Ugg boot can be found on and are going for $159. They come in three colors Black, Chestnut and Sand. If you act now, on nordstrom's website-- you get free shipping.-- Smooches

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