Monday, November 13, 2006

Its finally here!! The Dereon Fleur Spice hoody!! As worn on Beyonce in her video irreplaceable

Finally, whew!! I remember when I saw Beyonce come out with this zip up hoody in her video Ireplaceable-- I was like man, I need to find out when this hoody is coming out!! My prayers have been answered and it is finally here on The hoody which is named Fleur Spice-- from all the fleur de lice logos splattered all over is $79 and is on back order with sizes S-XL and being shipped by 11/30. It contains faux-fur on the inside and is reversable. Now this hoody is truly irreplaceable--

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Debbilicious said...

Gurl dats super true, its truely irreplaceable. i got one for myself cos i love it so much and i love beyonce, i live in Nigeria so i had to tell my brother who is in the us to get one for me and he has.Cant wait for it to get to Nigeria........

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