Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bre!! From America's Next Top Model!! Where are you???

I miss seeing Bre's face from America's Next Top Model, she was really cool when I met her earlier this year on 42nd street-Time Square. She seems to have so much potential, but I rarely see her anywhere! Is she working? Here are some pics of her from like September in a magazine. I also saw her in this upcoming Essence in the hair section. But to me that was nothing at all compared to Dani Evans a.k.a Danielle Evans, cycle 6 winner of ANTM which happened to be like the next page over. I know that Bre is on the box of Soft-Sheen Carson's Dark and Lovely hair coloring set-- but even that cover was so airbrushed-- it didn't even look like her. Well enjoy some pretty pics that I took from concreteloop-- maybe if I can interview her I can get some prospects about whats going on in her life.

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