Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A nice gift to give to a Pen Theif!!--LOL

Today at work, someone stole my pen. This pen was a very important part of my life. It was actually a limited edition from COACH!! I know many of you know that feeling. Last night I was with one of my homegirls and we were eating out and she ended up trading a nice pen with a waiter due to incertainty. Later on she realizes the pen she traded was not hers because the pen she was utilizing at the moment- felt horrible and lacked the luxurious padding needed to comfort the the outer corners of your index finger. Well thats the same way I felt, so now from those experiences, I decided to find a nice gift to give a pen theif and how better than to offer a glittery pen to them, so that way when you steal it from them, they can notice thats its theirs and feel the kharma--lol.How devious is this posting???

Aside from the drama--lol-- this pen can be found on Neiman Marcus's website and its actually called the NM Exclusive Crystal Pen-- one pen goes for $60.

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