Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My obsession with: A Smaller WAIST!!!

I love my body-- I truly do... I love my body... how about you. I love my shape. I give myself kisses everyday as I get out the shower. I would never trade in my shape for a million bucks. BUUUTTTT!!!-- I have always wanted the appearance of a smaller waist. I don't know whether it was because of the new craze blazing the summer season with all of the high waist dresses, skirts and jeans-- but I feel like I am too young to be trying to wear a girdle. So I say to myself--Self? Should I work out to get that smaller waist or should I just pull a rib out??--lol no ribs are coming out this body-- but I just want to know how I can fake the funk and appear thin in the waist, cute in the face and holding out down with style and grace.

Before I go on to the SECRET--shhh!!-- I will pay homage to the celebrity thin-waisted:

Rumor has it that she has a 27inch waist and a 49inch hip-- darn!!

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham's waist is the size of a competition soccer ball

Now on to the secrets-- and outfits that can make your waist appear smaller:

Do wear a contrast on color-- your top should appear lighter than your bottom and your belt should be darker to nip your waist in. A pencil skirt and a flowy top can assist you with this look.
Dress: Firetrap

Do wear a dress with great color and slap a belt around your waist like Rhianna. Her stylist played up her "Good girl gone Bad" look by dressing her in head to toe Gucci. For the winter you can add purple hoisery and a black slim turtleneck.

Dress by Gucci

Things to not do if you are trying to achieve this look!

Wearing bubble style dresses-- volume takes away a figure.

Wearing large prints on tunic style dresses

Yes and even Beyonce can lose her small waist in the midst of these dresses.

Well thats all for now! Love yourself and try to make due with what you have and as I leave you with some news that I heard weeks ago-- I laugh and hope that this isn't true--please click on this... Women with curves have smarter children

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