Friday, October 26, 2007

Fashion Honey Friday Faves!!!

Have you ever looked at the high end bags and just shake your head and say "maybe next paycheck"?-- Well don't break you wallet get a cute rendition of your fave bag for the fraction of the price and that Fashion Honies is at ShopSueyBoutique- . I own alot of high end bags and sometimes my wallet needs a break too-- no puns intended. I have been shopping on Shop suey for almost two years!!!

If you have been living under a rock you wouldn't have known that Shop Suey has been featured on many shows like Fox 5 News,Tyra, NBC and many world-renowned magazines like Oprah for their great handbags and their mind boggling prices. Check out Shop Suey Boutique and check out some of their items that I am digging on their website right now!!!

Fashion Honey Shop-Suey faves:

The Paula Satchel-$52

The Ricki Belt- $24 Also comes in black

The Colleen Satchel- $58

The Misty Satchel -$58 Also comes in blue

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