Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heather models for Carol's Daughter, Ebony quits with no hugs: Tyra doesn't like quitters; Another model bites the dust and then comes back!!!

In great news, I had the time to watch America's Next Top Model and I was happy to see that Heather's personality is blossoming right before America's eyes and she is making a name for herself in the modeling industry early in the Top Model competition. Yesterday she won the competition for the Keep A Child Alive Foundation with Carol's Daughter and is now on their website looking very regal and tanned. I can't take all of the credit-- Mary J. Blige ( Singer and Spokeswoman for Carol's Daughter) made an appearance on Top Model for Heather's shoot. It was priceless when she said that she needed tan makeup on Heather. Heather did very well and made Mary and Lisa Price (owner of Carol's Daughter) very proud. To see the campaign, view below:

In other ANTM news, Ebony decided to quit-- 10 minutes before Top Model was over, on pizza and other microwavables, Ebony slouches in the closet corner and says that she wants to go home. Not really a suprise considering that fact that we all knew she couldn't handle criticism. Funny cliffhanger occurs at the end. Tyra chooses Ebony over Ambreal(who no offense really needs to go home) and Ebony tells her that she doesn't want to continue in the competition. Tyra is such a fake. Tyra literally has FBI cameras all over the house. Tyra knew Ebony wanted to go home and that was why she chose Ebony. She wanted to show America that she gives people a chance even though they don't want it. Well, Ambreal got her second chance and she really wanted it.

To see more about why Ebony left check out a series of videos right here:

Lastly, My homegirl Bianca from Queens, NY is killing the short hair do- She is so beautiful and takes great constructive criticism. She kinda has a personality like Bre from the previous three cycles. I enjoy her wit and I hope she ends up in the Final 3. Tyson Beckford who also made an appearance stated that she is "The Top 5". If that means anything I know Tyra will take that in to consideration.

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