Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yay!! America's Next Top Model Airs Tonight at 8pm

So Do You Wanna Be On Top??--- Watch who will get kicked off next!!!!

I am excited to see what will happen on top model tonight. If you missed what happened last night check out this funny but very true clip from a talented blogger from fourfour:

It was so funny yet true what he said about Saleisha's haircut-- It truly looks like a helmut. lol-- She is pretty she can be Rhianna's stunt devil--lol-- My favorite right now is Bianca. I am loving her short hair cut!! I am also biased because she is from Queens, NY. My second favorite is Lisa and my third is Ebony. I just wished that Ebony would stop doing that crackish Bobby Brown mouth thing when she gets up to panel. I know that she is nervous-- but she needs to just keep a great smile.

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