Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hottest Colors of Boston that You Can Easily Own Cruise Style

Imagine waking up in the morning and there is a fire on the floor below you what items would you scoop up first?

Well for me it would be my Fendi Magic Bag-- A pair of YSL tribute pumps (I am still imagining ok!) My wallet and important documents and I will definitely stuff all of it into one of the hottest bags for Spring 2008-- The Gucci Boston Joy bag.

I love these bags and the versatility you get from them. Showcased are the Boston Bags for Spring in their bright ready-to-wear colors. I love the largest bag because you can throw alot of stuff in it. The bags shown below come in three sizes and three colors:

1. The Joy Small Boston, $530, 10"W X 5½"H X 4"D

2. The Joy Medium Boston, $640, 12½"W X 8½"H X 6½"D

3. The Joy Large Boston, $675, 15"W X 10"H X 8"D.

All of the bags are in great demand, because they work in for any demographic-- beat that Dooney and Burke!!!-- They also are complimentary to the Nautical and Preppy styles. All of the bags shown above also come in the black canvas.

You can check out more Gucci items on and if you act now with $150 or more in purchases you can get free shipping!!

Enjoy!!-- from me-to-you!

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