Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Its That Time Again!! America's Next Top Model Airs Tonight at 8pm!!

Tyra bamboozled us last Wednesday. I think she was all shook up from Ebony telling her that her experience at Top Model was worth a damn. LOL-- Last week Wednesday Tyra gave us a behind scenes look at the boring lives the models lead at the house and of course I was so bored to death I actually anticipated watching Gossip Girl after the foolery was over.

Today Tyra and Carb-watching friends will be in a dance video for Enrique Iglesias yep you heard it-- I spoiled it. Hey it's not like a posted the video for you to see!!

Check out the cool rendition of the recap of Episode 6 if you missed the week before last.


Wendy said...

How come they can hook up Bianca's wig into an assymetrical cut and leave Salasia's weave still looking like a muppet? I'm mad....

Princess of Fashion Honey said...

Tyra is trying to break down Saleisha-- I am happy about that- because in the beginning she thought she had it in the bag-- and that actually wasn't the case-- I am happy that Bianca is sporting the semi-bald look-- It makes her look beautiful-- I don't want her to wear the wig--lol

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