Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beyonce loves her Fendi bags

I usually try to keep up on Beyonce's trends because she actually has been holding it down in the fashion department, especially for us curvy fashionistas. Beyonce has emerged as the it girl for glam fashion. Today I will focus on her bag obession with Fendi. Beyonce's stylist loves taking risks with colors and how they transcend on her fashion palette. So why not tote a bright ultra-chromatic fendi bag with your latest boots and sweaters.

1. Beyonce toting the Fendi Sequined Bauletto Grande Bag in Camoflauge-3980

1. Beyonce toting the convertable leather Zucca bag with a Fendi belt around her waist

You can own your favorite Fendi bag too...
If you would like something similar to what Beyonce has--you can check these out
a. Fendi Bauletto Grand Bag at Neiman Marcus..$3890

To go with your ultimate winter collection try these:
b. Fendi Logo Belt in Suede and Convertible Zucca in Orginal Tobacco Zucca and Patent at Neiman Marcus....$425 and $1600

I am so loving her style right now. As Beyonce finishes celebrating her man's b-day (Jay-Z) December 4th, we wonder of she will finally call it a vacation. I want to miss her. LOL


Miss O. said...

ohhhh, how i wish i was not an impoverished 20-something...


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Princess of Fashion Honey said...

Shoot not only you that is why I designed this site-- to mentally chip away at my check every month--lol

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