Monday, December 10, 2007

The wrong way to eat a Reeses

I am suprised to see that Shay Shay-- Ashanti's younger sister is looking a hot mess up in Mars 2112.

#1: Cottage Cheese Thighs have never been in fashion. If you suffer from this severe issue wear flesh colored support hoisery. Beyonce does it all the time.

#2. The girl is only 18! Go figures she needs to put on something less sultry-- This outfit makes her look a haggard 28 years old.

#3. Whatever happened to asking your big sis for some makeup and style tips-- please don't tell me all of the greatest things went to her!

I am in shock and saddened for the Glen Cove teenager. I hope she goes to fashion jail. Because of her age I will send her off on misdemeanor charges in the juvenile fashion penitentary.

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