Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fashion Honey on the scene at the Complex Magazine Party

Hello Fashion Honeys! I went to the Complex Magazine Party about three weeks ago and I forgot to show you the pics-- how vile of me!!! Long overdue-- yet well waited-- Here they are. Check out the pics and commentary below.

The Complex Magazine Party took place at Training Camp on 41st and the Avenue of the Americas in New York City and it was the most popping event I have been to all year. It was sponsored by Honda and they had a theme called "Revelations". Complex Platinum Club and many of the industry's top people were there especially me. Free drinks, Free full body massage, gift bags and hot urban clothing and accessories- you can't go wrong! I got interviewed based on what my revelations were for 2007 and I was very happy to be there. The most fashionable night ever!

People waiting on line:

Honda Revelations: The Theme of the Party

Inspecting my chair lol

Taking a second to profile

My beautiful homegirls

The Latest Magazine Covers.. Kristin Bell is on the newest one

Inside of Training Camp

Hot Sneakers

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Miss O. said...

Alicia looked sooo good on the cover of Complex!

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