Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Honey: How to wear the Leather jegging trend without looking tooo 80's!!

Hello My Fashion Honey's !!! Today's topic is about rocking jeggings without looking like an 80's Rockstar. Leather, a piece de resistance has always been a staple once the temperatures have fallen below 50 degrees. These days Kim Kardashian has been seen in California or at the Miami International Airport on a 90 degree day wearing leather jeggings (and a mink fur jacket- swag!) and looking quite cute in them. Not everyone has Kim Kardashian dough so it would be nice to look at some pieces that I put together that would work with leather jeggings. These pieces will keep you looking hot (literally) during the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 months.

Check out some of my styles below:

First exhibit A: These are Leather Jeggings.

Leather Jeggings

#2. These tops will look awesome with them. Tunic styles tend to be awesome with this trend.

Tops for Leather jeggings

#3. For those that feel they need a little more coverage, check out these coats and blazers below:
Blazers and Coats for Jeggings

So thats all, check out my next post for more trends this fall and how to rock them!! And just remember:
Couples that wear leather jeggings together...Look hot/haute together!!

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