Monday, October 22, 2012

Question Honey: Should Leather Skirts Get Added to My Closet this Fall?

Hello Fashion Honey's!! The Question of the day from Fashion Honey reader, Nadine asks: "Should I add leather skirts to my closet this Fall? My answer Ms. Nadine... is YES!!! Leather skirts have been a staple each Fall and the latest styles should be added to your closet. I remember the first leather skirt I bought and it was from Wilson's Leather in 2008 on sale for $69!!  Every woman at any size should be able to own a leather skirt to accentuate their sheer blouse,cashmere and wool sweaters!! Check out how to pair it this Fall with your current collection and where to get cutest leather skirts at various costs!! Please note that this also includes Faux Leather as well!!

Skirts that you need to have in your closet now!

If you love these skirts, you can find them here:

When you finally have the courage to wear your cute black/brown leather skirts, check out these awesome and daring colored leather skirts for your fancy **bats eyelashes**

Where to purchase:
What to pair with a Leather skirt

Tops for Leather Skirts

To get more cute tops check out my choices below for purchase:
To find more leather skirts, check out the shopping area below.

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