Thursday, October 04, 2012

Jewelry Honey: Stacking Bracelets is here to Stay!!!

Hello Fashion Honey's,

I recently launched a Facebook page for Fashion Honey Blog and I got a lot of inbox comments on where they can find the stacked bracelets shown below:

Photo: Good morning my fashionable peeps! Love forever, be sweet, be spicy, have faith and  stay charming ! Enjoy!

The stacking bracelet trend or stacking bracelet on watch trend started with Michael Kors and Tory Burch. This new essential accessory really sets off an outfit and is a playful mock to the economy as it shows conspicuous consumption a.k.a ice on wrists.

Stacking bracelets are not an easy feat. Some people are seen wearing a stack of friendship bracelets mixed with jeweled bracelets and sometimes that can come off really frayed and teeny boppy. I love it when there is a mix of jewels but the bracelets are cohesive and seamlessly matched with each other.

Check out how I put together a series of bracelets to accommodate the trend and I hope you are insprired and head to your local retailers to get them!!

Bracelet Stacking


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