Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wardrobe Honey: The 5 Pieces You Need in Your Closet NOW!!!

Hello Ladies! Now that Summer went immediately to Winter in the East Coast, I think it's a great time to update your closets and get some new transitional "Fall-ter" (Fall/Winter) pieces to uplift your wardrobe!! I took some advice from a Fashion Honey Fan that requested to incorporate more high and low pieces to the blog- So that's what I will do! I chose these 5 pieces and I hope that you love them.

1. Capes and Ruanas!!!!

2012 Capes and Ruanas

2. Peplum Skirts!!

They were cool last year and this past summer and now they are even better, wear your peplum jewel toned and sexy with a pair of 4inch pumps.

3. Brightly Colored Cashmere Sweaters: These are not your grandma's cashmere's! These sweaters are Skittles bright and sooo warm! H&M has cashmere! Who knew?

Bright Cashmere Sweaters

4. 2012 Statement Necklaces!!! Clearly Statement Necklaces have been in existence since the Egyptians, but these necklaces are surely going to give your bare neck the oomph it needs. I just love the collared statement necklace trend that you can wear on top of your lovely Cashmere sweaters! I also love the floral jewel based statement necklaces because they will accentuate any collared button down shirt that you wear. Which is the current trend on the scene!

2012 Statement Necklaces

5.  Statement Bags: Clearly, I dont expect all readers to have these bags in their closet- but it is always cool to be inspired by the structure! I just love love the new colors from 3.1 Phillip Lim and the Prada Saffiano Tote in Patent Leather Red.
2012 Statement Bags

Well thats all for now, check out my next post!! Have a good one!!

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