Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I STRONGLY dislike Tyra's bangs!!!!

Dear Tyra Banks,

I totally dislike your non banging weave. I don't know what look you were going for--but it's not fair all of us watching your shows-If you thought you looked like an alien before- you are truly confirming your thoughts- this has to stop. I miss when you used to wear your lace font wigs and have them nicely shaped with tousled curls-- now all I get is this hobbled weave and it saddens my heart. Tyra please bring your forehead back-- I promise I won't clown your fivehead anymore.

Love Fashion Honey.

P.S. Please watch the funny out of hell video that I displayed with her weave almost getting blown off below. LOL


Miss O. said...


yeah, the helmet needs to go away. it's kind of distracting!

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keepin'it-real said...

Stop hating on Tyra. She can't please everyone all the time. As long as SHE is happy with it, then you all should have nothing to say about hair unless it is on your own head.

Anonymous said...

To the contrary only for jokes nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree...
As a mature male who truly appreciates the feminine being, Tyra's bangs are very attractive. A lot of men will tell you that heavy make up, elaborate wigs (weaves) and traditional lingerie (seamed bras,etc) are unattractive. For the most part they are simply afraid of the harsh criticism this will draw from women. But let a heavily made up woman with a tight sweater (no matter the size of the breasts) over a shapely (not rounded) bra and a smooth and shiny head of hair walk into the room and they are focused on her. While with the woman that they love, the memories of that woman who looks, feels and smells completely womanly persists. Hence, the beginning of the secreted cheating experience, or fantasy.
Tyra's bangs promise a soft, sweet experience to go along with any closeness and enough care and concern to all but ensure that her hair will not smell like blow dryer burned hair (which can ruin a romantic mood). If you think that a woman's hair is not important to men, research the reason for ancient societies insistence on women covering their heads, or just look at a shampoo commercial and notice the difference in the models hair and yours. Millions in studies have produced what men really like, deep down inside.
And finally, if the truth is that excellent hair takes more trouble than you are willing to honest and either change or find a mate that doesn't care about hair (or for that matter teeth, body odor, personality or closeness), there are plenty around.
If I hit the lottery, I'll gladly give a hundred thousand dollars to Tyra's favorite charity just to gently, slowly and sweetly kiss her bangs.
Atlanta Man

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