Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Honey: Work Black and White like Jessica Alba

Happy Sunday My Honey's!!

Many people are enjoying lots of color, but of course when I went to Zara for some fun sale shopping two weeks ago, I noticed that a lot of their newly released items were from the monochromatic hues of either black of white. Excited for what I saw, it inspired me to take a look at Jessica Alba's look below. She was working those cap-toe Guiseppes and pony tail weave!! Work !!! Click on the link below to find where to purchase my stolen (haha) look!!

jessica alba white and black - steal her look

If you are now inspired by my January black and white epiphany and you are in  love with black and white, check out these printed pieces that I put together. They are so cute and work well with any colored blazers, pumps or accessories that you desire to add!! If you are looking to purchase the below items, click on the link below.
Printed Black & White

Thanks for checking up and I hope you are enjoying the weekend!!!


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