Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Royal Honey: Get inspired by Spring 2013's freshest color: Royal Blue!!

Hello Honey's,

There are many awesome things that are blue: Beyonce and Jay-Z have Blue Ivy (and she just turned 1), My favorite European Soccer Team and World Champions Chelsea FC's team colors are blue, the NY Giant's colors (Go NY, even though we are out of the playoffs) are blue and Princess Kate's engagement ring is a beautiful sapphire blue.Now you can be a part of the blue-fest for Spring 2013, because Royal Blue has been ravishing the runways and advertisements (Gucci, Versus and Fendi) as of late. I love this color and how it works for most complexions.

 Royal blue according to Wikipedia "describes both a bright shade and a dark shade of azure blue. It is said to have been invented by millers in Rode, Somerset, a consortium of which won a competition to make a dress for the British queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.[3]"

Now you can be like the Royals and enjoy Royal blue at all costs, now I am not saying that you are going to win a monopoly game and a royal blue dress will be made for you, but you can use your royal fingers and purchase a dress at the link that I have provided below.

Look Royal

If you definitely have a budget like a royal, check out the pieces that I put together, that can make you look awesome.

Spend like a Royal

You can't do a blue outfit without having some trendy makeup as well. I love using navy blue liner under my eyes. Maybe after scoping these options, I might have to expand my color options to nails and mascara as well!

Royal Blue Beauty

I plan to work a video on how you can incorporate this look into your sophisticated lifestyle. Follow me on my color journey throughout spring!

If you would like to see more royal blue pieces, check out some styles chosen below;



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